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Here is a list of other useful web sites I've found on the web.

Looking for  Texas state agency? Click here for a list and contact information.

Do you have questions about Social security?


Assistance with criminal matters

These sites can save you money and time if you are buying, selling, building or renovating a house:

Houston Bar Association
-This is a very useful website containing lots of information about the law. I especially recommend its "Kidzone" as well as the Consumer and Family law handbooks, published in many languages.

American bar Association
-Useful information about your legal rights.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS)

-Tech compared and reviewed

Lemon Law
- Check out a list of all state lemon laws.

Product recalls
-To learn about product recalls, check out the following links:

  • operated by the Consumer product safety Commission
  • operated by the Food and drug Administration
  • operated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Tax Tips 4U
-"It's designed to provide helpful, up-to-date information to consumers seeking a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers. "
-Divorce Interactive is a comprehensive divorce resource containing divorce and family law information on child support, custody, alimony and visitation issues; divorce advice; and a directory of support groups, attorneys, mediators and other divorce professionals.
-A do itself divorce site with information about the law in all fifty states (not recommended when there are children involved).
-Obtaining a copy of your medical records.

Texas Department of Public Safety
-This site contains the Sex Offender Database and additional information on child molestation plus other public safety issues and driver's information.

TexCare Partnership
-TexCare Partnership offers two separate children’s health insurance programs. Both programs provide health insurance for children at a price that fits the budgets of Texas families.

Texas Children's Health Insurance Program
-This insurance program is designed for families who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid health care, yet cannot afford to buy private insurance.

Social Security Online
-The official web site of the Social Security administration. Contains much useful information and a guide to understanding Social Security.

Senior Law Site
-Articles and updates on Medicare and Medicaid and other issues of interest to seniors.

Elder Law Site
-Oldest and largest eldercare sourcebook on the web. Information, links and articles for seniors.

Texas Probate Code
-A copy of the Texas statute govern probate matters.

- Do you have a questions about health law and policy?

Department of Transportation
- Want to know more about your rights when you travel on an airline?

National Consumer Law Center
- An organization that primarily provides legal information but has some information the layperson.

Consumer World
- 1500 of the most useful consumer resources on the net. Federal Trade Commission
- Consumer Information.

Hieros Gamos
- A comprehensive legal and government site with over 15,000 pages and 30,000 links.

List of American Bar Association-approved Law Schools
- Are you interested in going to law school? Check the ABA's website.

Constitution Center
- What to learn more about the constitution of the United States?

University of Chicago Law Library
- A great source of legal information and a complete up-to-date list of legal listservs.

U.S. Government Consumer Gateway
- Directs consumer to the appropriate government agency.

One Stop Business Center
- Join the over 45,000 small businesses who have contacted the One Stop Business Center as their first step on the road to success.
- For information about the law in other states, or, to find an attorney.