Page 9 - Briefcase Volume 37 Number 2
P. 9

rigorously, to advocate persuasively, and to uphold the
                                                                                highest of the legal profession.
                                                                                “You can now take these tools and transform the world
                                                                                by representing individual clients to secure justice
                                                                                and by providing the legal architecture of global and
                                                                                national social, political and economic movements.”
                                                                                Greetings from the UH System Board of Regents were
                                                                                provided by Paula Mendoza.
                                                                                “The UH Law Center and the University of Houston
                                                                                have prepared you, like no other generation before you,
                                                                                not just to compete, but to be leaders,” Mendoza said.
                                                                                “I know in my heart that you will make a difference in
                                                                                your workplace and your communities.”
                                                                                Alexandra Grafton served as the J.D. class speaker and
                                                                                expressed gratitude to classmates for helping her see
                                                                                multiple sides to an issue.
                                                                                “This is the last time we all get to sit together as one
        Carrig served as Senior Vice President, Legal, General Counsel and   class, all of us on the same side of the aisle,” Grafton said.
        Corporate Secretary of ConocoPhillips from August 2007 through
        September 2018. She was the recipient of the Texas General Counsel   “There was something that shaped every one of your experiences
        Forum’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the National Law Journal’s 50   differently from mine there in the same classroom. I hope that I can
        Most Influential Women Lawyers in America and many other accolades.  remember that whether we are here as classmates or out there as
        “Another reason it’s important to be authentic is so you can bring   opponents, there is so
                                                                   much to learn from
        your special talents to the world,” Carrig said. “This is why I say know   those differences.”
        yourself without false humility. You have a special gift and the world
        needs it.”                                                 Rebecca Mei Chen Lee
        Dean Leonard M. Baynes offered his congratulations and encouraged   spoke on behalf of the
                                                                   LL.M. class. She said
        students to become ethical and effective advocates for their clients and   that the friendships
        to reap the benefits of their hard work.                   she formed at the Law
        “Graduates, your professors have fundamentally transformed each one   Center will last for a
        of you by teaching you how to think like lawyers,” Baynes said. “Under   lifetime.
        the faculty’s tutelage, you have learned how to write precisely, to analyze
                                                                     “The kindness and
                                                                     helpfulness that
                                                                     the students here
                                                                     have shown is
                                                                     remarkable,” Lee
                                                                     said. “I think these
                                                                     acts of kindness and
                                                                     solidarity that Law
                                                                     Center students have
                                                                     is what defines us
                                                                     and is something
                                                                     that will stay with me long after the academic lessons have faded.”
                                                                     Victor Wright ‘98, president-elect of the UH Law Alumni Association,
                                                                     welcomed graduates to the Law Center’s network of alumni and
                                                                     suggested that they stay involved with the Law Center whether being
                                                                     an alumni mentor, volunteering for advocacy programs or in other
                                                                     “This is an exciting time and you’re joining the ranks of alums who are
                                                                     very excited and passionate about the things that lie ahead for this law
                                                                     school,” Wright said. “We believe the best is yet to come.”

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