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                                                   In 2019 our collective dream came true! We raised enough funding and
                                                   received Board of Regents approval for the construction of a world class Law
                                                   Center building. It was the highlight of the year, but there were many other
                                                   accomplishments along the way: national and international honors for faculty,
                                                   staff and students; top rankings for specialty programs and recognition for
                                                   diversity and career development efforts; speakers, conferences and events that
                                                   brought new ideas, explored old ones, and sometimes prompted rethinking of
                                                   long-held perceptions; expanded community outreach; and mostly, the day-to-
                                                   day education of ever-brighter students in the skills and principles of the law.
                                                   This “Year-in-Review” edition of Briefcase magazine spotlights just a few of
                                                   these stories illustrating the range of the great things happening at the law
                                                   school. The cover story and the architectural renderings give you a peek into
                                                   the building project process and the exterior of the new John M. O’Quinn Law

                                                    After reading the magazine, please let me know how we are doing and where
                                                   you think we should be headed. I hope this “look back” into the past year will
                                                   encourage you to take pride in your school and get more involved as we look
                                                   to the years ahead.

     Dean’s Note              3

     Briefly Noted            4
     Community Service       10
     Building Feature        14
                                                   Leonard M. Baynes
     Law Gala                26                    Dean and Professor of Law
     Holiday Coffee          28

     Upcoming Events         31

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