June 1964

ADVERTISING—CLIENT’S NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT. A lawyer should not permit a client to identify him in a newspaper advertisement as the client’s attorney.

Canon 24.


A savings & loan association published an advertisement in a local newspaper; among other things, the advertisement listed its directors and identified them by occupation. One was shown to be an attorney. The advertisement also listed its "attorneys" under that separate heading. Is it proper for an attorney to permit himself to be advertised in this manner? If so, is it proper for others, such as automobile dealers, small loan companies, etc., to name their attorneys in commercial advertisements?


This committee has held that banks and savings institutions in advertisements may list their directors and identify them by their professions and that an attorney who permits himself to be so shown is not acting improperly. See Opinion No. 188 (Oct., 1958), which marks the outside limits of permissiveness. A.B.A. Opinion No. 265 (Sept., 1951) suggests the line be drawn between that advertisement of a client which is obviously and primarily in the interest of the client even though of some incidental advertising value to the lawyer. A lawyer should not permit a savings institution, an automobile dealer or a small loan company to identify him as its attorney in a newspaper advertisement. (9-0).