October 1958

ADVERTISINGNEWSPAPERSSAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONA savings and loan association may proper1y include in a newspaper advertisement a photograph of a practicing attorney who is a member of the board of directors, and may mention the attorney's status as a lawyer, his investment interest, and his position on the board of directors.

Canon 24.


Where a. practicing attorney is a member of the board of directors of directors of a savings and loan association, is it a violation of the Canons of Ethics for such association to include in its advertisement in the newspaper a photograph of such attorney with the following copy adjacent to the photograph in the advertisement:

"Meet Our Directors"

"A practicing attorney and partner in the law firm of _______________, extensive ___________ investment interests. He is one of nine prominent local business and professional men who direct the affairs of this Association"?


The Committee is of the unanimous opinion that such advertisement is not a violation of Canon 24 or any other canon. (8-0.)