Page 22 - 2017 Faculty Scholarship
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Geraldine Szott Moohr
                                    Professor Emerita

            Criminal Law (8th ed. 2017), Paul Marcus, Linda A. Malone,
             Geraldine Szott Moohr & Cara H. Drinan.
            Book Review, 3 Crim. L. & Crim. Just. Books (Jan. 2017) (reviewing
             Eli Lederman, Infocrime: Protecting Information Through
             Criminal Law (2016)).

                                    Sarah J. Morath
                                    Clinical Associate Professor
                                    Director, Clinic Lawyering Skills & Strategies

            From Farm to Fork: Perspectives on Growing Sustainable Food
             Systems in the Twenty-First Century (Sarah J. Morath ed., 2016).
            Regulating Food Waste, 48 Tex. Envtl. L.J. (forthcoming).
            Animal Welfare and Private Governance, Geo Wash. J. Energy &
             Envtl. L. (forthcoming).
            The Effectiveness of Private Animal Welfare Governance, J. of Animal &
             Nat. Resources L. (forthcoming).
            Using Animal Law to Teach Legal Research, The Second Draft

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