EELPJ Volume 2, No. 1

Symposium 2006: Should We Site It Here? LNG, the Environment, and Federalism


Victor B. Flatt, Introduction

Sheila Slocum Hollis, Liquefied Natural Gas: “The Big Picture” for Future Development in North America

Irma S. Russell, The Power Structure: Energy, Politics, and the Public Interest in the LNG Debate

Eileen Gauna, LNG Facility Siting And Environmental (In)Justice: Is It Time for a National Siting Scheme?

Danny Boggs, Keynote Address: Obstacles and opportunities in LNG Siting

Recent Developments

Meri Chang, Third party Standing and Privatization: Why Public Interests May Benefit Privatization

Jim Dallas, Ninth Circuit Defers to EPA on “Removal” of Asbestos in Libby, Montana

Keith Rawlins, Gasoline Prices and Hurricanes: Congressional Reaction to the Decoupling of Gasoline Prices From the Price of Crude Oil

Toni Sanchez, Cumulative Environmental Impacts when Tiered upon Environmental Impact Statement