Works-in-Progress Intellectual Property (WIPIP) Colloquium Events

Prior to the February 2012 colloquium, WIPIP coalesced around the entrepreneurship and guidance of Mike Meurer and Glynn Lunney. Their efforts, along with the volunteers at the host schools in those early years, set the pattern for WIPIP.

Beginning with the 2012 colloquium, an Organizing Board was formed consisting of a representative from the host school for the upcoming colloquium, and the four prior other persons who served as the representative for a host school.

Thus, in the table below, the Organizing Board for WIPIP is indicated along with the history of the colloquium. Past board members (or host school representatives for those years before there was a board) are also listed for the year the member’s school hosted WIPIP.



Host School Representative

Current Board Capacity

Feb 2020 Santa Clara Law

Eric Goldman

Chair elect
Feb 2019 University of Houston Law Center

Sapna Kumar

Feb 2018 Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Aaron Perzanowski

Feb 2017 Boston University School of Law Paul Gugliuzza Member
Feb 2016 University of Washington School of Law Zahr Said Member
Feb 2015 George Washington University Law School and
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Bob Brauneis  
Feb 2014 Santa Clara Law Eric Goldman / Brian Love  
Feb 2013 Seton Hall University School of Law Gaia Bernstein  
Feb 2012 University of Houston Law Center Greg Vetter  
Feb 2011 Boston University School of Law Mike Meurer  
Fall 2009 Seton Hall University School of Law Gaia Bernstein  
Fall 2008 Tulane University Law School Glynn Lunney  
Fall 2007 American University Washington College of Law Mike Carroll  
Fall 2006 University of Pittsburgh School of Law Mike Madison  
Fall 2005 St. Louis University School of Law and
Washington University School of Law
Mark McKenna
Chuck McManis
Fall 2004 Boston University School of Law Mike Meurer  
Fall 2003 Tulane University Law School    Glynn Lunney  


The most recent or upcoming WIPIP Colloquium can be found here:

For schools interested in hosting the WIPIP Colloquium, please refer to this document for how to submit an application to the Organizing Board.

Also of potential use as an example is the WIPIP 2019 registration form:

For a host school interested in understanding the likely participant registration pattern, please see this graph from WIPIP 2019.

This page is provided by the University of Houston Law Center's Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law (IPIL) as a service to the WIPIP Colloquium, and kept current by Greg Vetter with forwarding from to this page.  Last revised May 10, 2019.