New Spring Course - Criminal Justice Research on Right to Counsel and Pretrial Justice (posted 11/21/2014)

This course will explore issues of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel, as well as pretrial release procedures. Students will be expected to spend a total of 20 hours observing court proceedings ...

ALI Environmental Law Conference (posted 11/19/2014)

The American Law Institute will hold its annual Environmental Law conference on February 4-6, 2015 in Washington, DC .....

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Videos and Photos of Oil Development Abroad (posted 11/18/2014)

Electronic Bluebook Training (posted 11/17/2014)

The Electronic Bluebook Training is available online via Blackboard.

Past Due Balance from Fall 2014 (posted 11/13/2014)

Do you have balance due on your account from fall 2014? If so, please make payment ASAP either by echeck or credit card through PeopleSoft.

Orientations for First-Time Externs (posted 11/06/2014)

Environment and Energy Law Internship Program of Texas (EELIPT) (posted 10/21/2014)

Steve Weston Prize 2014 (posted 10/02/2014)

Spring 2015 Property Course - Casebook (posted 09/30/2014)

The Institute for Energy Law - Hartrick Scholar Writing Competition (posted 09/17/2014)

2014-15 Beveridge & Diamond Constitutional Environmental Law Writing Competition (posted 09/10/2014)

This annual competition invites law students from across the country to submit papers exploring current issues of constitutional environmental law.

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