Business Etiquette Tips or Today's Professional Woman (posted 04/27/2015)

The Institute for Energy Law presents "Business Tips for Today's Professional Woman", Wednesday May 6. 2015 at 6pm Haynes and Boone, LLP

We Need Student Feedback on the Advocacy Skills Classes (posted 04/22/2015)

April 28th-30th: We're looking for student feedback on the Blakely Advocacy Institute's advocacy skills classes. FREE LUNCH!!

AIPN Writing Competition (posted 04/21/2015)

The Lessons of Ebola Quarantine in the U.S. by Mark A. Rothstein (posted 04/15/2015)

2015 Energy Law Student Writing Competition (posted 04/14/2015)

Still Accepting Applications (posted 04/14/2015)

IEL Conferences (posted 03/25/2015)

ABA SEER 2015 Law Student Writing Competition--Energy Law (posted 03/06/2015)

The Renewable, Alternative, and Distributed Energy Resources Committee is pleased to announce the ABA SEER 2015 Law Student Writing Competition--Energy Law.

Paid Positions Available with NACLE (posted 02/16/2015)

NACLE ( is looking for Two Student Coordinators, who will be paid $15 per hour. Please send your resumes to Dasha Krljanovic at

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