Professor Chandler seeks volunteer with knowledge of JavaScript and/or VisualBasic in Excel (posted TODAY)

Collection-Immigrant Children (posted 07/24/2014)

UH Immigration Clinic and Youth Alliance Collection Drive for Immigrant Children at the Border

Transfer Students Journal Write-On Competition (posted 07/24/2014)

The Admitted Transfer Students Journal Write-On Competition will run from Saturday, July 26 to Friday August 8, 2014.

Carrel Clean Out Deadline - August 8, 2014 (posted 07/22/2014)

Please remove all belongings and personal locks from your CARREL by August 8, 2014!

Criminal Practice Externship: Enrolling Now! (posted 07/18/2014)

The IEL presents the 5th Law of Shale Plays Conference (posted 07/16/2014)

RMMLF Conferences - Student Attendance (posted 02/24/2014)

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