Research Assistant (posted 08/26/2015)

Professor Duncan is looking to hire a research assistant (for pay) for the Fall 2015 semester. Interested students should email Professor Duncan directly at

HBA ILS September Meeting (posted 08/26/2015)

The Houston Bar Association's Intl Law Section offers 10 free seats for students at its monthly lunches. The next lunch is Wed. Sept 2

Research Assistants Needed for Professor Oldham (posted 08/24/2015)

IEL Conferences (posted 08/24/2015)

The Institute for Energy Law has the following conferences coming up for which each IEL Law School member may nominate two students to attend with waived tuition--that is free registration.

AIPN - International Oil & Gas Law, Contracts, and Negotiations Short Course (posted 08/18/2015)

Paid Positions Available with NACLE (posted 02/16/2015)

NACLE ( is looking for Two Student Coordinators, who will be paid $15 per hour. Please send your resumes to Dasha Krljanovic at

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