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Tracy Hester
Climate Change Law
LAW 5397
Spring 2013


Climate Change Law
LAW 5397
Fall 2013

Professor Tracy Hester

Welcome to the Homepage for this course.  I have designed it as a substitute for materials and items typically handed out in class.  If you have any difficulty accessing the information provided below, please feel free to call me at my office, (713) 743-1152, or at my cell, (713) 775-8874. In addition, please feel free to e-mail me at either  I look forward to an exciting semester with all of you.

Course Overview         The overview provides a brief description of the goals and approach of this course. Use this link to access reading
                                           assignments, grading policies and information on the final exam.  The overview also includes
                                           my office hours and other useful information.

Course Syllabus           The syllabus provides a detailed list of topics and readings for each class. 

What's New                 This page will provide changes to class reading assignments or guest speakers.  I'll also use it
                                           to relay important updates on any legal developments in the environmental legal arena. For updates
                                           local environmental legal events, check the EENR Center homepage at