Law Students: Law Book Store – Calhoun Lofts – Feb 23rd  & 24th (10am-4pm)Representatives from the announcement/regalia company will be available to answer questions. Samples will be on display. Graduation memorabilia

Order your official cap, gown, tassel, stole, diploma frame, announcements, and rings! Come prepared to take grad-photos too!  Gowns provided.

The University of Houston and Herff Jones will supply all of your needs for your graduation ceremony.  As suppliers of graduation products for over 80 years, rest assured that Herff Jones will provide the following:

  • Custom University of Houston regalia made of the highest quality fabric with the same attention to detail given to Herff Jones' custom apparel and Supreme Court Justice Robes. All robes include the University of Houston embroidered seal and are exclusive to the University of Houston. Regalia are in full compliance with the U of H Graduation Ceremony specifications. 
  • Official UH Law Center Announcement Design
  • In adherence with graduation etiquette, inner and outer envelopes are supplied with each order.
  • An intricately reproduced seal on thank you notes, envelope seals and other accessories.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for announcement delivery.

Calhoun Lofts

Rental of Graduation Regalia
(Only official UH regalia can be worn for the ceremony)

The Law Center has made arrangements to pay for the regalia for those students who fill out the Career Development Survey which will be sent via email to the graduating class.  If you choose not to fill out the survey, you will be responsible for payment of your regalia. 

(JD and LLM students have the same regalia.)

Graduates can order regalia in two ways:

  1. Online ordering through Herff-Jones( - February 17th –             March 18th (this is the preferred and easiest option)
  2. Through the Law Center Bookstore (in-person) - February 24th  –  March 24th           

NOTE:          If you are ordering special sizes (extra large, tall, short, etc.) the absolute deadline is March 18, 2017.  Not sure of your measurements, the law bookstore personnel will assist you.

There will be other items listed, (Keepsake stole, mini-tassel keychain, etc.) that you can purchase as mementos, but these are not required. Only the gown, hood, and tam are required for the ceremony.

If you miss any of these deadlines, you should contact the UH bookstore immediately.
(713) 741-6311


Regalia Pick- up

Distribution of regalia will begin on April 17, 2017 at the Law Center Bookstore.  Regalia will only be released to students that have completed the online Graduate Survey, unless the student chooses to pay for the regalia themselves. You should make sure that you have completed the survey a minimum of 24 hours before you go to pick up your regalia.  The bookstore will receive a daily update of students who have completed the survey. 


The bookstore is not open on weekends!

Store Hours

Monday – Thursday        10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday                             10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday         closed