Spring 2020
6201 Sexual Orientation & the Law - DEVINE- 17732

Professor(s): Corey Devine (ADJUNCT)

Credits: 2

Course Areas: Constitutional and Criminal Law 

Time: 5:30p-7:30p  T  Location: 113  BLB

Course Outline: In this course we will explore the relationship between sexual orientation (and/or identity) and the law. We will examine the manner in which the state regulates sexuality, gender, gender roles, and sexual orientation, in a variety of substantive legal areas. We will explore how the law is influenced by theories or myths regarding homosexuality and sexual identity as well as prevailing styles of judicial reasoning. The doctrinal discussions will focus both on the substantive law and a number of larger themes: the nature/nurture debate and its legal ramifications; the public/private distinction as exhibited in the legal conflicts between free expression and “coming out” and the right to be let alone; the reason/desire distinction, as manifested through sexual status versus sexual conduct; and the equality/diversity distinction which arises in the context of assimilation versus difference.

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First Day Assignments: Assignment

Final Exam Schedule: 05/05 6-8pm      

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Book(s) Required

Ball, Schacter, NeJaime, & Rubenstein, Cases and Materials on Sexuality, Gender
Identity, and the Law (6th ed. 2017)