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Summer I 2014
5497 Transactional Clinic I - KAFAH BACHARI- 18700

Professor(s): Kafah Bachari (CLINICAL FACULTY [405(b)])

Credits: 4

Course Areas: Practice Skills - Clinics and Externships 

Time: 1:00p-5:30p  T  Location: 144  TUII

Course Outline: Students advise small businesses and people trying to start small businesses about business structure, contracts, possible tax issues, commercial law matters and similar problems. Many of the small businesses raise sophisticated legal problems, while some are routine. Students work under a professor who is a member of the Texas Bar, and frequently accompanies them to the first meeting with a client. After that, the students usually have most of the contact with clients, always subject to the supervision of the professor. A weekly meeting is held for general discussion of the particular projects.

Course Syllabus: Syllabus

Course Notes:   Quota- 8

Accepted students must attend the two day Clinic Orientation held on Tuesday, May 27 and Wednesday, May 28. Students will receive a separate email with additional information.

Our textbook is Drafting Contracts: How and Why Lawyers Do What They Do (2nd ed., ISBN: 9780735594777). Unless stated otherwise, all readings are from this book.

Prerequisites:  No prerequisite, however, Federal Income Tax and Business Organizations are highly recommended--or to be taken concurrently.

First Day Assignments:

Final Exam Schedule:    

This course will have:

Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: Yes
Satisfies Senior Upper Level Writing Requirement: No

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