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Texas Breaks Records For Peak Electricity Demand

Professor Warren was quoted in an article available on Houston Public Media’s website commenting on the report from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) that Texas set new records for peak energy demand for the last four days in a row.

Attorney ethics rules: Another climate law frontier?

Professor Flatt was quoted extensively in an E&E News story about his recent article, “Disclosing the Danger: State Attorney Ethics Rules Meet Climate Change,” in which he suggests that ethics rules regarding disclosure of a client’s harmful activity could be extended to greenhouse gas emissions. Professor Flatt’s article is available here.

El envío de la nota diplomática a EU fue acertado

Professor Alfonso López de la Osa Escribano was quoted in El Economista, a Mexican National Newspaper, regarding the legal action Mexico might be able take in response to the hate crime and domestic terrorist attack inEl Paso. 

Feds Expand Immigrant Facilities to Handle Border Overflow

Courthouse News quoted Professor Geoffrey Hoffman discussing the construction of new immigrant holding facilities.

How much interaction should we allow between forensics analysts and law enforcement?

The Washington Post quoted Professor Thompson regarding the interaction between forensics analysts and law enforcement.  This article is the fifth in the Post’s series on forensics in the criminal justice system quoting Professor Thompson.

The Washington Post explores: How do we fix forensic science?

Professor Thompson was quoted in a Whistleblower Protection Blog post spotlighting a series of stories on problems with forensic science recently published by the Washington Post. The blog post links to parts one, two, and four of the series, each of which quote Professor Thompson. 


Professor Wells was quoted in a Virgin Islands Consortium article regarding how changes in the tax code might damage the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority.  The article quotes Professor Wells’ previous comments in the Wall Street Journal.

Texas sues Exxon Mobil over environmental violations from Baytown fire

Professor Flatt was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article regarding the lawsuit the State of Texas has filed against Exxon Mobil for environmental violations after an explosion at the company’s Baytown plant. This suit follows the one filed by Harris County August 1. 

“México tiene pleno derecho para intervenir en la protección de sus ciudadanos”: Experto ante declaraciones de canciller mexicano

Professor Lopez de la Osa Escribano appeared on a Univision newscast to talk about the legal remedies Mexico has against the hate crime and domestic terrorist attack in El Paso. The segment may be viewed at:

Is an adversarial justice system compatible with good science?

Professor Thompson was quoted in a Washington Post article regarding the use of forensic science in the criminal justice system.  This is the second in the Post’s series of articles on the matter featuring Professor Thompson.

How do we reconcile law and science?

Professor Thompson was quoted in a Washington Post article regarding the use of forensic science in the criminal justice system.  

The Stabilization of the Government of Puerto Rico and PROMESA

Research associate Carlos J. Cuevas wrote an article for the New York Law Journal regarding the current political situation in Puerto Rico. 

Harris County sues Exxon Mobil after fire that injured 37, setting the stage for future crackdowns

Professor Flatt was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article regarding Harris County’s suit against Exxon Mobil over an explosion at the company’s Baytown plant.

Going Out of Style: Tax-Driven Deals to Move Corporate HQs Outside U.S.

The Wall Street Journal quoted Professor Wells discussing the declining rate of corporate tax inversions.

Library activities and new fiction books

Professor David Dow’s Confessions of an Innocent Man was included on a new fiction books list published by the Glasgow Daily Times. 

In Alabama, Decades-Delayed Justice In A Double Homicide—Or A Brand New Injustice?

Professor Thompson was quoted in an article published by The Appeal regarding Coley McCraney, an Alabama man charged with murder on the basis of evidence obtained from a public genealogy database.

Joel Freedman: Exonerated death row inmate fulfills mission

An article available on the Daily Messenger (Canandaigua, New York)’s website quoted from Professor Dow’s book, “Executed on a Technicality,” regarding former Texas death row inmate Anthony Graves, who was exonerated after 18 years. Visiting Professor Nicole Casarez was mentioned regarding her work for the Texas Innocence Project in this case.

Full Show: Preventing Fatal Highway Accidents, ITC Fire Cleanup Continues, The Future of St. Luke’s, And Ask The Veterinarian (July 22, 2019)

Professor Flatt appeared on Houston Matters discussing regarding the continued cleanup from ITC Deer Park fire that occurred earlier this year and the complications associated with wastewater disposal. Audio is available at: (Professor Flatt begins at 7:44).

MIL-Evening Report: Hidden women of history: Flos Greig, Australia's first female lawyer and early innovator

Professor Knake’s article discussing Flos Greig, Australia's first female lawyer and early innovator, appeared on, Foreign Affairs’ website, and was available on Lexis Advance.

Wells Fargo discriminated against Dreamer by denying auto loan, lawsuit claims

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman was quoted in an article reported by CNN and that also appeared on NBC-2 (KBBH, Fort Meyers, Florida)’s website. Professor Hoffman comments on a lawsuit that the plaintiff Eduardo Peña filed this week seeking actual and punitive damages from Wells Fargo for intentionally discriminating against by denying him an auto loan, conducting a hard credit check that hurt his credit score and failing to give him a written notice with an accurate reason for why his loan was rejected. According to the article, Mr. Peña was denied because his status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was set to expire during the loan period.

Utilities venture off power grid for home warranty revenue

Professor Marquez was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article about energy companies entering the warranty business.

Fran Briggs Releases The Best of Summer Reading, 2019
Books-n-Bits – The Douglas County Public Library

Two of Professor Dow’s books were recently highlighted online. The Autobiography of an Execution was spotlighted on a “best of summer reading 2019” list published by EIN Newsdesk, while Confessions of an Innocent Man was included on a Douglas County Public Library new books list published by the Douglas County Herald.

Before she was a presidential candidate, Warren taught law at UH

Presidential candidate and former UHLC professor Elizabeth Warren was featured in an article published by the Daily Cougar. The article quotes Professor Moll on his reflections of Warren as his former Harvard professor. Professor Emeritus Mixon is quoted regarding Senator Warren’s time as a professor at UHLC.

Are those home warranties really necessary?

Professor Marquez was quoted in an article available on commenting on home warranties.

The Trump Administration Just Rescinded Obama-Era Guidance on Race-Conscious Admissions Policies. So What?

Professor Olivas was quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education commenting on the Trump Administration’s decision to rescind Obama-era guidance on race-conscious admissions.

Should City Council Be a Full-Time Job?

Professor Zale was extensively quoted in Route Fifty discussing newly elected Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s proposal to ban outside employment of city council members.

‘We’re Not Being Paid’: Musicians Struggle Against Orchestra Management, Streaming Services

Professor Olivas was quoted in an article available on, discussing the lack of influence that smaller music artists have in the recording industry.

How the Supreme Court’s decision to review DACA might rattle the 2020 political landscape

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman was quoted in an article available on (Dallas Morning-News), commenting on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to take up the Trump administration’s challenge to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program during its next term.

Full Show: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Final Decisions, And Last Night’s Democratic Presidential Debate

Houston Public Media interviewed Professor Chandler for a segment on Houston Matters discussing the final Supreme Court opinions of this term. Audio is available at (Professor Chandler is introduced at 1:45).

Senate panel OKs Houston lawyer for federal bench

The Houston Chronicle reported that Adjunct Professor Charles Eskridge’s judicial nomination has been approved by a Senate panel.

No. 18-725 In The ANDRE MARTELLO BARTON, Petitioner, v. U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL, Respondent
On Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

Professors Geoffrey Hoffman and Michael Olivas signed an amicus brief in support of the petitioner in Barton v. U.S. Attorney General.

Full Show: Kinder Morgan Wins Texas Eminent Domain Challenge, And Wrongful Conviction Compensation Denied

Professor Kwok appears on Houston Matters to discuss why the state comptroller denied compensation to a wrongfully convicted death row prisoner.

We're fracking the hell out of the U.S.A. Can a president slam on the brakes?

Professor Weaver was quoted in a Mashable article on the subject of American fracking.

Full Show: Kinder Morgan Wins Texas Eminent Domain Challenge, And Wrongful Conviction Compensation Denied

Adjunct Professor Justin Hodge appears on Houston Matters to discuss eminent domain in Texas.

Harris County may turn to federal courts to crack down on Valero’s air pollution violations

Professor Flatt was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article discussing Valero’s air pollution violations. He commented on the use of the federal citizen lawsuit provision as well as on public awareness of air pollution violations.

California Must Close Gap in Law on Reporting Sex Abuse

Professor Kaufman’s new op-ed, “California Must Close Gap in Law on Reporting Sex Abuse,” was published as the lead op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday, June 23, 2019, edition. The op-ed (available at: drew from his research and recommendations in one of his new law review articles, Protectors of Predators or Prey: Bystanders and Upstanders amid Sexual Crimes (forthcoming in the Southern California Law Review) (available at:

David Temple faces new murder trial 20 years after wife’s brutal slaying

Professor Thompson was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article discussing David Temple’s new murder trial. She commented on the potential benefit to the defense given the amount of time elapsed between trials as well as on prosecutors’ awareness of the repercussions surrounding the withholding of evidence.

Interview with Renee Knake, founder of the first "law lab"

Josef Legal interviewed Professor Knake regarding access to justice.

Judge tries to breathe new life into Tunney Act, but odds are long

Professor Bush was quoted in an article published by FTCWatch about the Tunney Act discussing the Aetna/CVS merger.

We need to fix forensics. But how?

Professor Thompson was interviewed for an opinion piece published by the Washington Post on how to address the problem of faulty forensic sciences. 

Learn Your Genetic Privacy Workers' Rights

Professor Roberts was quoted in a U.S. News & World Report article discussing the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).

New titles at the Henderson County Public Library

A article listed new titles at the Henderson County (North Carolina) Public Library, including Professor Dow’s Confessions of an Innocent Man.

Mars can wait. First, let’s terraform Earth.

An Op-Ed by Professor Hudson appeared in the Houston Chronicle. The piece advocates investing NASA’s economic resources and expertise in climate solutions to developing technologies to make the Earth livable in the distant future.

A Columbia law adjunct is the latest person to leave a place in academe following the release of a new film on the Central Park Five.

Professor Olivas was quoted in an Inside Higher Ed article, commenting on the decision by Elizabeth Lederer, lead prosecutor in the Central Park Five case, to resign from teaching law as an adjunct at Columbia University. Professor Olivas also commented on the Netflix series by director Ava DuVernay, on the case.

UH Law Center's award-winning Pre-Law Pipeline Program celebrates five years of promoting diversity in legal education

PRNewswire published the press release discussing the kickoff of UHLC’s Pre-Law Pipeline Program for 2019. Dean Baynes, Program Director Kristen Guiseppi, and Professor Duncan are all quoted in the press release. This item appeared in multiple publications.

Briefcase: Universities and Illegal Bribes

Dean Baynes interviewed Professor Kwok regarding the law behind the recent university admission bribing scandal.  Audio is available.

 The Potential Consequences of the Smoke-Free Public Housing Rule

The Regulatory Review published a discussion of Housing, Healthism, and the HUD Smoke-Free Policy, a paper on HUD’s Smoke-Free Public Housing Rule written by Professors Fagundes and Roberts.

Alberta Repealed Its Carbon Tax. What Now?

Professor Wells authored an op-ed available on Forbes’ website. He discussed Alberta, Canada’s decision to repeal its highly controversial carbon tax.

Activist sues HISD after being banned from district premises

Professor Linzer was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article regarding a lawsuit filed against Houston ISD by a community activist who claims his first amendment rights were violated when he was banned from HISD premises.

Repeat repair refund: Couple Turns to Ted after paying twice for similar auto repair

Professor Marquez was quoted in a KTRK-TV story about a couple who sought a refund after paying for the same auto repair twice. Video is available here.

Texas Bar, State AG At Odds In Post-Janus Fees Fight

Visiting professor Arnold Rochvarg was quoted in a Law360 article discussing the constitutional challenge to the State Bar of Texas’ requirement that lawyers join the organization and pay dues. He commented on the difference between mandatory and voluntary bar associations.

Exclusive interview: Novatek CFO Mark Gyetvay

Visiting Professor Susan Sakmar interviewed Novatek CFO Mark Gyetvay for an article on the LNG World Shipping website. 

Founder of Texas Innocence Project On Working With Death Row Inmates,exclusive-interview-novatek-cfo-mark-gyetvay_57893.htm

Professor Dow was interviewed on Iowa Public Radio regarding his novel Confessions of an Innocent Man, the shortcomings of the U.S. criminal justice system, and writing from the perspective of a death row inmate. Program is available here.

Texas Residents Sue Army Corps of Engineers For Flood Damage During Hurricane Harvey

Professor Flatt was interviewed on NPR regarding a group of Texas residents suing the Army Corps of Engineers for flood damage during Hurricane Harvey. Program is available here.

Mentoring roundtables find new home in College of Education

Professor Olivas was quoted in a Penn State News article regarding mentoring roundtables at Penn State’s College of Education.

Did a jury ignore science when it hit Monsanto with a $2-billion verdict?

Professor Sanders was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article regarding jury issues relating to the $2-billion verdict against Monsanto.

Back-and-forth battle: Family fights Texas law to keep mother alive

KPRC2 interviewed Visiting Professor Michael Ewer regarding the 10-day rule in Texas’ Advance Directives Act.

Pushed out and punished: One woman's story shows how systems are failing black girls

UHLC staff attorney Christina Beeler was interviewed for an article that appeared on the USA Today’s website. The in-depth article explores how systems are failing African American girls and Professor Beeler commented that African American girls are charged more often than any other group for non-violent offenses such as truancy, violating curfew or court orders, or running away from their families and foster care placements.

DOJ Guidance 2.0 Cribs Long-Standing Justice Manual Language

Adjunct professor Ryan McConnell cowrote an article for Corporate Counsel regarding the U.S. Department of Justice’s recent updates to the guidance that federal prosecutors use to evaluate corporate compliance programs.

Trump Nominates Six for Federal Court Seats

President Trump has nominated Adjunct Professor Charles Eskridge for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, according to an article on Courthouse News Service’s website.

Are poker rooms illegal in Texas?

Professor Thompson was interviewed for a news article available on KPRC (NBC-2)’s website discussing whether poker rooms are illegal in Texas.

Ask the Experts

Professor Emeritus Alderman was interviewed by WalletHub for an article on getting your first credit card.

National Association of College and University Attorneys

Professor Olivas will speak at the National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) annual meeting luncheon on June 25, in Denver. The topic of his talk is “Half Letterman: My Higher Ed Law Top Five and Why I Love This Field.” Professor Olivas will speak about the changes he has witnessed, and the developments in five topics in college law, ones that barely existed then (or were occurring less obviously), but that have increased in importance and reach: immigration, affirmative action, religious zealotry, free speech, and sexual harassment/assault on campus. More information about the conference is available at the following link:

The US Urgently Needs New Genetic Privacy Laws

Professor Evans was quoted in a Wired article about the need for new genetic privacy laws.

New College accused of discrimination by former admissions staffers

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune quoted Professor Olivas discussing discrimination in university admissions.


Confessions of an Innocent Man (Dutton Books) by Professor Dow was ranked No. 2 in the fiction category of “Oklahoma’s Best Sellers” list, available on Tulsa World’s website. 

2019’s Best Cheap Car Insurance in Texas

Professor Emeritus Alderman was interviewed for an article available on He discussed what state and local governments can do to promote cheap car insurance rates for their constituents, the biggest vehicle-related financial mistakes made by drivers in Texas, and the impact that credit history has on car insurance rates in Texas.


Professor Olivas will be serving as a judge for the inaugural Law Rocks Houston on Thursday evening, May 16 at White Oak Music Hall. Law Rocks is a charity that puts on fundraising battle-of-the-band concerts in cities around the world starring lawyers-turned-rockstars to promote music education and fundraise for local nonprofits. More information can be found at:

LSU Creates Model for Colleges Embroiled in Varsity Blues Scandal

Corporate Counsel published an article by adjunct professor Ryan McConnell regarding the launch of the LSU Ethics Institute.

Escape Hatch Remains For Judges Accused Of Misconduct

Law360 quoted Professor Knake discussing the ethics loophole of judges resigning to avoid investigations of misconduct.

Dennis Blair: Protect US energy security by outlawing oil price-fixing by OPEC

The Securing America's Future Energy organization’s research paper on NOPEC legislation, coauthored by Professor Bush, was mentioned in an op-ed available on Fox News’ website.

AG Barr's Decision to Detain All Asylum Seekers Could Backfire

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman was interviewed for a news story that aired on KCBS Radio commenting on Attorney General William Barr’s announcement of the reversal of a long-standing policy by calling for asylum seekers to be jailed while their cases are considered. Audio is available at:

Local legal eagles soar at out-of-this-world party for University of Houston law center

Culture Map Houston reported on the Law Center’s 43rd Annual Law Gala & Auction, which was held at the Post Oak Hotel on Saturday, March 30. Dean Baynes introduced the recipients of the UH Law Alumni Association Awards, including Associate Dean Vetter, who received the Faculty Distinction Award. UHLC alumnus Jeff Brown announced a new scholarship fund in the name of Professor Zamora. Several other UHLC alumni were mentioned in the article.

Chevron-Anadarko merger unlikely to run into antitrust problems

The Houston Chronicle quoted Professor Bush regarding the $33 billion merger between Chevron and Anadarko and how it is unlikely to run into antitrust problems. 

Briefcase: Chickens vs. Planes

Dean Baynes appeared on a segment of Houston Public Media’s Briefcase discussing how the Supreme Court case United States v. Causby handled airspace rights. Audio is available.

Bills could give US a way to move against OPEC, speakers say

Oil & Gas Journal reports that the Securing America's Future Energy organization released a research paper on NOPEC legislation coauthored by Professor Bush. 

Motel 6 Settles Lawsuit, Agrees To Pay $20 Million For Giving ICE Guest Information

Mitú Inc quoted Professor Geoffrey Hoffman from an interview with Bloomberg News discussing the difficulty of contacting the members of a recent class action lawsuit against Motel 6.

More Than 600 Attend "Know Your Rights" Immigration Panel Hosted By The Universal Church In Houston

The Universal Church in Houston issued a press release regarding its hosting of a “Know Your Rights” immigration panel that featured UHLC Lecturer Rosemary Vega as a panelist.

Full Show: Trump Visits Houston, And Insurers Opening Health Clinics

Professor Dow appeared on Houston Matters to discuss his new novel, Confessions of an Innocent Man. Audio is available here (Professor Dow’s segment begins at 22:42).

Fate sealed for judge who quit by mistake

Professor Thompson was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article regarding the appointment of Lesley Briones to replace County Court At Law Judge Bill McLeod.

Targeted Motel 6 Guests Are Owed Millions. They May Be Impossible to Find

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman was quoted in a Bloomberg news article regarding Motel 6’s settlement with former guests whose “Latino-sounding names” were disclosed to federal agents targeting undocumented residents for deportation.

University of Houston’s Law School Soars to the Moon

An article on the Paper City website discussed the success of the 43rd Annual UHLC Gala, which was held on March 30 at The Post Oak Hotel.  The article highlights notable attendees and honorees including Dean Baynes, Associate Dean Vetter, and many UHLC alumni.  

State must enforce laws before there’s a fire

Professor Flatt authored a Houston Chronicle article regarding the need for effective state enforcement of environmental laws.

‘An emotional release’: Team of lawyers cheer decision to drop all charges in infamous Waco biker shootout

Professor Thompson was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article. She commented on the decision by the new district attorney in Waco, Texas to dismiss all the last remaining charges stemming from a May 2015 motorcycle gang gunfight at a Twin Peaks restaurant that left nine dead and 20 wounded.

A Texas-sized biker brawl left nine dead. Why were there no convictions?

Professor Thompson was also quoted by The Guardian regarding the May 2015 motorcycle gang gunfight in Waco, Texas.

Why Texas is banning clergy from the death chamber

Professor Dow was quoted in an article reported by CBS News and available on WDEF (CBS-12, Chattanooga, TN)’s website. Professor Dow, who represents death row inmate Patrick Murphy, commented on the decision by Texas Prisons to prohibit clergy from being in the death chamber after the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to block the execution because his Buddhist spiritual adviser couldn’t accompany him. This was reported by multiples sources.

Would Julian Castro’s ‘Putting People First’ Proposal Result In Open Borders?

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman appeared on the Texas Standard for a news segment to discuss Democratic Presidential Candidate, Julian Castro’s support of decriminalizing illegal entry into the United States. Audio is available at:

Houstonians still struggling to recover 19 months after the hurricane hit

Professor Marquez was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article that featured Annie Green, who is being assisted by the Hurricane Consumer Assistance Project at the University of Houston Law Center. Ms. Green had sustained damage from Hurricane Harvey and had problems with a roof contractor who failed to repair her roof properly.

Briefcase: USMCA and Autoworkers

Dean Baynes and Professor Alfonso Lopez de la Osa appeared on Houston Public Media’s Briefcase to discuss the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement (USMCA). Audio is available.

IU profs contribute to ruling upholding short-term rental regulation

Professor Zale was quoted in an Indiana Lawyer article regarding the regulation of short-term home rentals.

A New Crime Novel Asks Tough Questions About Revenge and Redemption

The Texas Observer reviewed Professor Dow’s new novel, Confessions of an Innocent Man

Supreme Court Sees 2 Similar Death Penalty Questions Very Differently

New England Public Radio cited Professor Dow in a discussion of the Supreme Court’s different treatment of two similar recent death row appeals.

Un asesor espiritual budista podrá acompañar a un reo que será ejecutado en Texas

Professor Dow was mentioned in an Aleteia article (Spanish language only) about his client Patrick Murphy. 

David Dow’s Confessions of an Innocent Man Turns Justice on Its Head

Professor Dow was interviewed on Authorlink from Writers & Readers Magazine regarding his new book, Confessions of an Innocent Man: A Novel. Audio is available.

Trump aides repeat threat to shut down U.S.-Mexico border

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman was quoted in a Reuters news article regarding the Trump administration’s threat to shut down the southern border with Mexico.

Redressing Gender Disparity in Legal Leadership

Professor Knake was quoted in a Lawyers Weekly article regarding the gender disparity in legal leadership. The article notes that Professor Knake will be the keynote speaker at The Legal Festival in Sydney, Australia in June.

At the podium: Free public lectures this week

The South Bend Tribune reported that Professor Olivas will be giving a talk entitled “Perchance to DREAM: A Legal and Political History of the DREAM Act and DACA” at Notre Dame University on Monday, April 1. 

Buddhist on Death Row Gets Last-Minute Reprieve

Courthouse News reported that death row inmate Patrick Murphy, represented by Professor Dow and Legal Clinic Supervisor Jeff Newberry, received a stay of execution from the U.S. Supreme Court. Professor Dow was quoted in the article.

Sustainability is a must for Texas and U.S. forests

The Houston Chronicle published an op-ed by Professor Hudson discussing the need for government action to prevent deforestation.

On Eve of Execution, Inmate Fights for Buddhist Priest

Professor Dow and legal clinic supervisor Jeff Newberry were mentioned in a Courthouse News Service article about their client, Patrick Murphy, and his petition seeking to have a Buddhist spiritual advisor accompany him in the death chamber when he is executed by lethal injection.

"Texas Seven" prisoner hopes legislation limiting death penalty for accomplices will stop his execution

Professor Dow and legal clinic supervisor Jeff Newberry were mentioned in a Texas Tribune article about their client, Patrick Murphy, and proposed state legislation that would prohibit the death penalty for accomplices in murder cases.

Anita Hill Calls for Reforms After Kavanaugh, Thomas SCOTUS Hearings

Texas Lawyer reported on the fireside chat between Professor Olivas and Brandeis University Professor Anita Hill that was held at the Law Center on Tuesday. The story also appeared on the National Law Journal website.  

What are the legal ramifications after Deer Park chemical fire?

Professor Flatt was interviewed by KPRC-2 (NBC Houston) regarding the legal ramifications of the Deer Park chemical fire.

Admission Scandal Puts Spotlight on University Compliance Programs

Adjunct professor Ryan McConnell cowrote an article for Corporate Counsel regarding the recent college admissions scandal and the importance of having a regulatory compliance program.  

Ask the Experts: Cashing in on Credit Card Rewards

Professor Hawkins was interviewed by WalletHub regarding the benefits and limitations of cash back credit cards.

The Innovators: Renee Knake

The New Zealand Law Society’s LawTalk magazine published an interview with Professor Knake about legal innovation and technology.

Roll Up, Roll Up For ALTACon – Australia’s Top Legal Tech Event

The Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA) announced that Professor Knake will be a featured speaker at ALTACon, a legal tech event that will be held in Melbourne on May 31.

And No. 1 on This Year’s Go-To Law School Is …? posted a list of the 2019 “Go-To Law Schools” that commented on UHLC’s rise in its rankings.  Assistant Dean for Career Development Tiffany Tucker was quoted discussing the employment success of UHLC graduates.

Maduro has to go, but take U.S. military option off the table [Editorial]

Professor Julian Cardenas Garcia was quoted in a Houston Chronicle editorial regarding the possibility of a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela.  

State Leadership Needed on Consumer Protection Issues

Professor Hawkins was quoted in an opinion piece that appeared on the JURIST website. The piece discusses need for state leadership in payday lending rules amid the inadequacy of federal consumer protections.

Standing For Houston: Local day center helping people with dementia

UHLC Professor Emeritus Sidney Buchanan was interviewed for a KHOU news piece regarding Amazing Place, a Houston faith-based nonprofit that serves as a day center for people with mild to moderate forms of dementia. Video of the segment is available.

The Legislature needs to act on payday lending

Professor Hawkins was quoted in an opinion piece that appeared in The Nevada Independent. The piece discusses need for state leadership in payday lending rules amid the inadequacy of federal consumer protections.

Are we ready for what DNA kits reveal?

Professor Roberts was quoted in an article appearing on the Texas Medical Center news website regarding the sometimes surprising results of direct-to-consumer genetic testing and issues surrounding of genetic privacy.

With one tweak, the Green New Deal could be great for Houston [Opinion]

Professor Flatt wrote an op-ed published Sunday in the Houston Chronicle regarding Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey’s proposed Green New Deal. Professor Flatt discusses how the Green New Deal’s proposed initiatives, with some tweaks, could invigorate the energy industry by providing money-making opportunities to capture and sequester carbon.

Racially charged encounters in Houston area leave some residents ‘scared’

The Houston Chronicle quoted Professor Olivas discussing racism against immigrants.

True confessions of Texas vote harvesters

The Texas Monitor quoted Professor Rave discussing vote harvesting in North Carolina.

Lessons unlearned: Separated children

Professor Emerita Laura Oren’s op-ed criticizing the Trump Administration’s family separation policy at the border was published in today’s Houston Chronicle.

Nabors Appoints Anthony Chase as a Director

Professor Chase has been appointed to the Nabors Industries Ltd. Board of Directors, according to a press release from the company on the PR Newswire website. 

Full Show: Mayor’s Gun Violence Commission, Jeff Skilling Released, And The Doctor Shortage In Texas (Feb. 21, 2019)

Houston Public media interviewed Professor Kwok for a segment on Houston Matters regarding how white collar crime laws were affected by the Enron scandal. Audio is available at (Professor Kwok is introduced at 8:12).

Session 2. Ethical Risks and Rewards for Big Data in Healthcare

Professor Evans was a panelist at the “Healthcare in the Era of Big Data” conference, presented by the New York Academy of Sciences and NYU School of Medicine. She participated in a panel on ”Ethical Risks and Rewards for Big Data in Healthcare.” Video is available here.  

Houston Homeowners Say The Government Owes Them For Flooding Their Homes After Hurricane Harvey

Professor Tracy Hester was interviewed for a Houston Public Media story about Hurricane Harvey flooding victims who are suing the federal government over its management of Houston’s reservoirs during the storm. Audio is available here.  

Experts Analyze End Of No-Knock Search Warrants By Houston Police

Adjunct professor Ryan McConnell was interviewed for a Houston Public Media story about Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo’s decision to stop conducting no-knock search warrants in most cases. Audio is available here.  

Auditors: Former Crosby ISD administrators did not monitor spending, hid cost overruns

Professor Kwok was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article regarding former Crosby ISD administrators who failed to keep track of construction spending and omitted nearly $8 million in cost overruns from 2017 financial statements.

Our Pollinators Eat Local, Too!

Professor Simpson was profiled in an article that appeared on the Edible Houston website. Professor Simpson describes how she became interested in local pollinators and the creation of her own pollinator-friendly garden, visited by over one hundred species of butterflies, bees, wasps and other pollinators.

A Year After Being Detained By ICE, Former Houston High School Student Forges His Future

Professor Olivas appeared on Houston Public Media’s News 88.7 to discuss the case of Dennis Rivera, a Honduran student who was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Audio is available here.

US LNG: here comes the second wave

Andrews Kurth Energy Law Scholar Susan Sakmar wrote an article that appeared on the LNG World Shipping website, explaining how many proposed U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects are hoping to catch the second wave of LNG export developments with start-up dates in the mid-2020s.,us-lng-here-comes-the-second-wave_56803.htm

Houston homeowners say the government owes them for flooding their homes after Hurricane Harvey -

Marketplace quoted Professor Hester discussing how climate change might affect disaster liability lawsuits in the future. Audio is available at (Professor Hester is introduced at 3:08).

University of Houston to request $60 million from Texas for new law center

Dean Baynes was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article regarding the plans for a new building to house the Law Center, and President Khator's pledge to seek state support from the legislature to help fund the project.


A review of Professor Dow's new novel, Confessions of an Innocent Man, appeared in Kirkus Reviews.

For hundreds of thousands of U.S. asylum seekers, a 'life in limbo'

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman appeared in a PBS Newshour segment regarding the massive backlog of immigration cases waiting to be heard in court, and the effects of this delay on those seeking asylum. Video of the segment is available at:

Back to Basics: The lowdown on GINA

A quote from Professor Roberts regarding GINA (the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act), which prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of genetic information, appeared in an article on the HR Dive website. The quote from Professor Roberts originally appeared in a New York Times article in 2015.

New Trump policy forces some asylum seekers to wait in Mexico. Is that legal?

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman was quoted in article on the PBS NewsHour website commenting on the legality of the Trump administration's new policy that some Central Americans seeking asylum at the southern border will be forced to remain in Mexico while their cases are being processed.

How Trump Era Immigration Enforcement Violates the Law, by Geoffrey A. Hoffman

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman's article, How Trump Era Immigration Enforcement Violates the Law, was posted to the Yale Journal on Regulation and the ABA Section of Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice Notice & Comment blog.

Glassdoor, Inc. v. Andra Group, LP, No. 17-0463, 2019 WL 321934 (Tex. Jan. 25, 2019)

The Texas Supreme Court cited Professor Kumar's article, Website Libel and the Single Publication Rule, 70 U. Chi. L. Rev. 639, 651-52 (2003), in its decision, Glassdoor, Inc. v. Andra Group, LP, No. 17-0463, 2019 WL 321934 (Tex. Jan. 25, 2019) (see footnote 4 on the last page of the opinion).

Venezuelans In Houston React To Presidential Standoff

Houston Public Media quoted Professor Julian Cardenas Garcia discussing the possibility of Venezuelans emigrating following the recent disputed Venezuelan election. Audio is available at (Professor Cardenas is introduced at 0:22 of the first audio recording).

Venezuela Turmoil Is A Proxy For US And European Conflict With Russia And China

Professor Julian Cardenas Garcia appeared on Texas Standard to discuss the current political situation in Venezuela. Audio is available here

 Texas must better protect our digital privacy

The Houston Chronicle published an op-ed by Professor McElvaney arguing that Texas should enact digital privacy laws.

AALS Triennial Award - Michael A. Olivas

A video of the presentation of the 2019 AALS Triennial Award for Lifetime Service to Legal Education and to the Law to Professor Olivas at the 2019 AALS Annual Meeting in New Orleans is available for viewing at:

Court rules against Planned Parenthood in Texas 'sting videos' case, bringing it a step closer to getting defunded

The Washington Post interviewed Professor Chandler regarding 5th Circuit ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Smith.

Why Don’t Term Limit Proposals Usually Pass?

Professor Rave appeared on Houston Matters to discuss proposals for congressional term limits. Audio is available here.  

 Man allegedly chased egg-throwing teen at speeds up to 100 mph before deadly crash

Professor Thompson appeared on KHOU-TV to discuss the charges brought against Christopher Lopez for his alleged role in a deadly car crash. Video is available here.

Online hospital price lists proving to be confusing for patients

Professor Chandler appeared on Houston's KHOU 11 on Monday, discussing a new law requiring hospitals to have price lists posted online. Video of the segment is available at:  

Trump pick for 'top cop' on hot seat: Is Mueller criticism disqualifying?

Professor Knake was quoted in a Christian Science Monitor article regarding the confirmation hearings of Attorney General nominee William Barr. Knake comments on the Justice Department's need for independence from political interference.

I support Israel, but laws banning BDS are wrong [Opinion]

Professor Asofsky's op-ed piece opposing anti-BDS (Boycott, Divestments, and Sanctions) legislation, which prohibits all state agencies from contracting with, and certain public funds from investing in, companies that boycott Israel, was available on

Cypress Creek EMS to debut body cameras

Professor Evans was quoted in an article available on the Houston Chronicle's website. The article reported that paramedics with the Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services will debut body cameras this year and Professor Evans commented on whether video recorded by paramedics is subject to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protections.

Did Critics of Programs for Women Win at Tulane?

Professor Olivas was quoted in an Insider Higher Ed article regarding higher education programs for women and Tulane University's decision to review various programs to make sure that they don't discriminate against men.   

Guest Post: Celebrating Michael Olivas's Retirement

A post on ImmigrationProfBlog discusses the retirement celebration held for Professor Olivas during the AALS Conference.

AALS House Of Representatives - First Meeting

Audio of the first session of the AALS House of Representative meeting where Professor Olivas received the AALS Triennial Award for Lifetime Service to Legal Education and the Law is now available at the following link: (the award presentation begins at 9:34).

Did High Court Overrule Fed. Circ. On Foreign Lost Profits?

Professor Michaels' Law 360 op-ed piece discussed whether the U.S. Supreme Court in WesternGeco LLC v. Ion Geophysical Corp., 138 S. Ct. 2129 (2018), had "implicitly overruled" the prior Federal Circuit panel decision of Power Integrations Inc. v. Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc., 711 F.3d 1348 (Fed. Cir. 2013), on foreign lost profits.

Mayor says NYC will expand health coverage to 600,000 people

FOX 26 Houston interviewed Professor Seth Chandler on “The Isiah Factor Uncensored” regarding New York City’s announced health law. Video is available (Professor Chandler is introduced at 0:21).

Could President Trump declare a national emergency to build border wall?

Professor Berman appeared on KHOU-TV to discuss the power of the president to declare a national emergency.

The American detained in Russia has four passports. That could help him – or hurt him.

Professor Olivas was quoted in a Washington Post article regarding the fact that U.S. citizen Paul Whelan, who has been detained in Russia for espionage, claims citizenship in four countries. This story appeared on multiple news websites. 


UVA Today reported that Professor Nelson is co-winner of the Association of American Law Schools' 2018 Scholarly Papers Competition.

A ranch, an oil field, and a career colored by skepticism

E&E News quoted Professor Emeritus Weaver discussing Texas' Seeligson oil and gas field.

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