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UHLC’s Prof Turner helps Jamaica draft anti-discrimination law   

Ronald Turner
Ronald Turner

July 25, 2014 – University of Houston Law Center Professor Ronald Turner is lending his expertise in the areas of civil rights and discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere to a project analyzing proposed anti-discrimination legislation in Jamaica, West Indies.

“I write and teach in several areas of anti-discrimination law and policy and have a deep interest in the benefits and real-world limits and inefficacies of regulatory schemes,” Turner said in explaining why he volunteered for the project. “I look forward to working with experts in the consideration and drafting of legislation focusing on the rights of vulnerable populations.”

The research is a project of the International Legal Resource Center, a joint partnership of the American Bar Association and the United Nations Development Programme. The stated overall goal of the worldwide program is to help nations grow and develop the kind of society that improves quality of life for all its citizens. 

Turner and a team of legal experts will review proposed anti-discrimination legislation to make sure it will benefit those vulnerable to HIV as well as other key groups such as the disabled, poor, women, and children. Turner will be asked to provide a legal opinion, recommend any necessary changes, including additional text and clarifications, and provide comparative analysis on best practices and how different common law countries have dealt with the same issue.

Turner, Alumnae Law Center Professor of Law, teaches courses on Employment Discrimination,
Employment Law, Constitutional Law, Labor Law, Torts, and AIDS & the Law.

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