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Prestigious law firm Cravath selects UH Law Center 2L as summer associate

Pierre Schlaefli, University of Houston Law Center 2L

Pierre Schlaefli, University of Houston Law Center 2L

Feb. 20, 2023 — Pierre Schlaefli, University of Houston Law Center 2L, has been chosen as a summer associate at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP in New York.

“I am excited to show off what I have learned so far at UHLC and to learn more at Cravath,” Schlaefli said.

Currently interested in intellectual property and antitrust law, Schlaefli will gain hands-on experience working with a partner at Cravath.

Schlaefli prepared for the interview by researching Cravath and the interviewers to compile a list of thoughtful, in-depth questions to ask each person, showing he was well-prepared and genuinely interested in the position. The questions were targeted to make him memorable to the employers and not mundane.

“When they ask you if you have any questions in the interview, they actually want you to have some,” Schlaefli said. “If you stay quiet, that's not going to look good because they want you to have an interest, to show you actually took the interview seriously and spent time looking into things, getting ready for the discussion.”

Dress professionally, even if the interview is virtual, and arrive 10 minutes early for the interview, Schlaefli notes. Interviewers pause amidst their daily activities to conduct it; their time should be respected.

“Potential employers need to see what you have done besides academia in an interview,” Schlaefli said. “Extracurricular activities are going to show them your character and stand testament to who you are and how, why, you will be an asset. It is important that they see something not written on the resume. Show them more.”

Schlaefli was the only summer associate selected from the South to work for Cravath, the most prestigious law firm in the United States for seven consecutive years according to the Vault Law 100 ranking.

"I'm looking forward to learning a lot this summer and trying new things,” Schlaefli said. “This is the first time that I'm going to be working for a law firm, and I know this is the right step for me because I want to join a law firm after graduation.” For more UH Law Center student spotlights, click here.