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UHLC's Career Development Office provides professional development and job search support through virtual career chats


The Career Development Office remains available in a remote format to University of Houston Law Center students in need of career advice and guidance.

April 22, 2020 - Since switching to remote operations, the University of Houston Law Center's Career Development Office has begun hosting weekly virtual career chats regarding career development, job searching and networking in the new remote environment. These remote career counseling sessions will be held by live chat each Wednesday throughout the Summer 2020 session.

The CDO staff has been available to all current Law Center students by Zoom to answer current legal career hot topics. 

“During this age of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Harris County “Stay Home, Work Safe” Order, students are primarily concerned about the ability to gain legal experience this summer when staff of many legal employers are working remotely,” said Assistant Dean of Career Development Tiffany Tucker.

“Students who have not yet secured summer positions should continue applying for positions as we are continuing to hear from employers who need to hire law clerks for the summer and want to create remote job opportunities. Students with summer positions lined up who have not heard from their employer should absolutely reach out to their summer employer to confirm their placement.  The CDO career counselors are available to assist students every step of the way.”    

Assistant Director for Career Development Paul Klinger explained to students how being flexible can make a big difference when navigating a job search.

"Make sure that your network, your family and friends, know that you are looking," Klinger said. "You can find opportunity through second-hand connections, friends of friends, friends of family. This happens a lot.

"Should I reach out to an employer to confirm that my opportunity still exists? Absolutely. Send them an email and ask how they are doing and if there is any way that you can assist them. It will serve as a reminder of your interest, your availability and your engagement with them. If it happens that your position is rescinded, consider a pivot to make it easier to find the next opportunity.”

Bill Powers, Director of Internship & Externship Programs shared that students may use LinkedIn as a way of finding potential work opportunities.

"Go to the LinkedIn page for each of your schools, including the Law Center. Most have an ‘Alumni' button," Powers said. "There are a lot of details there breaking down where people are, and it's a great way to see people who have our school on their LinkedIn profile."

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