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‘Is law school for you?’ UH Law Center provides answers to undergraduates  

University of Houston Law Center adjunct professor J. Michael Solar ’80, left, Harris County District Attorney’s Office Chief of Staff Vivian, King, Rusty Hardin of Rusty Hardin & Associates and U.S. Attorney Ryan Patrick, right.

Law Center Professor Meredith Duncan gives UH undergraduates the sense of a typical class during a pre-law forum in Krost Hall.

April 5, 2019 — More than 100 University of Houston undergraduates recently received a practical introduction to law school — ranging from how to apply to how to survive — during the inaugural “Pre-Law Forum” hosted by the UH Law Center’s admissions office in collaboration with the university’s career services office.

During the half-day event, “Not Just a Career but a Calling,” students learned how to prepare for law school; gained insights to the admissions process with a mock application review panel of Texas law school officials; and participated in a torts class taught by Professor Meredith Duncan. The undergraduates also heard about the law school experience from current students and alumni.

“The event today was very informative and helpful,” said Alissa Cana, a junior majoring in political science. “I learned a lot about the behind the scenes nuances that will help me be more competitive in the application process.”  

“We wanted to demystify the law school application process and really show students that this career was attainable,” said Ann-Margaret Dudley, associate director of admissions. “We hope to make this a yearly event for our undergraduate community.” 

Pre-Law Forum

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