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UH Law Center welcomes admitted students for Class of 2022  

Prospective students tour the University of Houston Law Center building.

Prospective students tour the University of Houston Law Center building.

April 3, 2019 — Future University of Houston Law Center students received an introduction to the law school experience last week during Admitted Students Day.

Dean Leonard M. Baynes began the day by speaking about the strength of the programs, faculty and high quality education at the Law Center.

“I was delighted to welcome the admitted students and provide them with an overview of all the great things going on at the Law Center,” Baynes said. “The Center offers students a diversity of possibilities. We have a number of top programs. It gives students an opportunity to do whatever they want to do as far as a career, and success!” 

Associate Dean for Student Affairs Sondra Tennessee delivered a presentation titled “Real Talk,” where she emphasized the keys to being a successful law student. She discussed several methods that are essential to accomplishing goals and staying determined throughout a legal education.

“We not only want you here, but we want you to succeed in what you’re trying to achieve by coming to law school,” Tennessee said. “The law is a very stressful profession, and I think the way that you go to school is the way you will practice. If you begin to develop healthy practices while you’re in school, then those are going to carry with you as a professional.”

Assistant Dean for Career Development Tiffany Tucker discussed how the Law Center prepares students for the transition into the legal profession after their 3L year. She also informed attendees of the resources the Career Development Office offers, including mock interviews and a staff of dedicated career specialists.

“We help you to understand what the legal profession is, what it offers, how you fit into it, and where you find your niche,” Tucker said. “We constantly talk to employers to find out what they’re looking for, what they want to see, what makes the most attractive candidate, and then we pass that along to you.”

The event also included a mock criminal law class taught by Professor David Kwok; information on how students can pay for their legal education from financial aid advisor Laura Neal; and a testimonial from Dillon Norton 16 on how the Law Center impacted his life.

“Everything I needed to start my own solo practice, I learned here,” Norton said.

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