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UHLC alum Garcia '16 pens book on upset elections

Ricco Garcia '16
Ricco Garcia '16

"How A Goat Became Mayor and the Political Spring That Followed"

May 17, 2017 -  Ricco Garcia currently works as general counsel and as a legislative director for Texas Rep. Toni Rose, but the 2016 University of Houston Law Center alumnus can also add the term 'best-selling author' to his resume.

Garcia's book, "How A Goat Became Mayor and the Political Spring That Followed" examines numerous unexpected political victories, including those of President Donald J. Trump, former president Barack Obama, professional wrestler turned Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura and a goat who was legitimately elected mayor of Lajitas, a town in west Texas.

Garcia co-authored the book with his brother Samuel Garcia, who recently completed his 1L year at Harvard Law School. Shortly after its publication, the book was listed as a top seller in the Local U.S. Politics and Public Administration Categories on

"When telling the story of upset elections, we ultimately found the common theme that campaigns that fail to change are destined to lose," Garcia said.

He said the motivation to write a book came from his deep south Texas roots.

"My mother worked as a campaign manager in the Rio Grande Valley, where we're from," Garcia said. My brother and I grew up on campaign trails, and were then able work on a good amount together. Whether it was local school board races, city council, judges and all the like."

When asked why he titled the book "How a Goat Became Mayor" Garcia said the inspiration came from his childhood, when he and his brother would raise goats. When they grew older, they established a sustainable dairy goat initiative in their community, helping people profit from cheese and milk the goats produced.

"If we were going to write a book over upset elections, we had to tell the story of how an actual goat was elected mayor," Garcia said.

Click here to purchase "How A Goat Became Mayor and the Political Spring that Followed."

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