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UHLC Prof Chandler welcomes wider audience for his "ACA Death Spiral" blog as it moves to Forbes

Professor Seth Chandler

Jan. 13, 2014 – University of Houston Law Center Professor Seth Chandler will be expanding the audience for his health care finance blog later this month when Forbes begins posting it on its site, The Apothecary.

Chandler, Foundation Professor of Law, has been posting his blog dealing primarily with issues involving the Affordable Care Act on his own site, ACA Death Spiral, (link: for two years.

"It's an honor to join a very distinguished group on The Apothecary blog," Chandler said. "What I've been doing on Death Spiral and now The Apothecary is a great way of combining research and teaching in almost real time."

Forbes invited Chandler to contribute twice a month. He will continue posting to his own blog with links to items of interest to his readers in The Apothecary.

His first entry will deal with the House of Representatives' lawsuit over the Obama administration's use of allegedly unappropriated funds to pay for a significant feature of Obamacare: cost sharing reductions.  In the second, he maintains the Obama administration illegally diverted federal funds to large insurance companies to keep the healthcare program afloat.

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