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Robert Allen Memorial                              Nancy Snyder-Nepo '00 Scholarship
Student Excellence Fund                            In memory of Nancy Snyder-Nepo, a lawyer
In memory of Robert Allen, this scholarship        and mother, who lost her life to cancer at
was established to provide assistance to a         a young age. This scholarship is awarded
part-time student who has a passion for            to provide financial assistance for a Law
the law.                                           Center student who is balancing the role of
Donor: 	 Elizabeth S. Allen                        parent and student.
Recipient: 	 Mashhood S. Khawar                    Donor: 	 Family and Friends
                                                   	 of Nancy Snyder-Nepo
Yuet Lan Lung Award                                Recipient: 	 Jamie T. Cole
This scholarship was created to promote legal
research, a survival skill for summer associates,  Murray M. Nusynowitz
new associates, interns, and judicial clerks.      Memorial Fund
Named after the Donor's mother, it Is awarded      Awarded to a law student who is active in
to the top second or third year student in the     the recruitment and admissions process.
Advanced Legal Research Class.                     Donor: 	 Friends and Family
Donor: 	 Mon Yin Lung                              	 of Murray M. Nusynowitz
Recipient: 	 Nancy M. Molina                       Recipient: 	 Megan L. Roper

Celia Figueroa '94                                 James Edmund Kemp Scholarship
Memorial Scholarship                               Awarded to provide financial assistance
The Celia Figueroa Scholarship was
established in honor of the late Celia             to UH Law Center students who have
Figueroa by her family, friends, and
employer, BBVA Bancomer USA, for                   undertaken student loans as a way of
whom she served as General Counsel. The
Scholarship is to be awarded annually to a         financing their ability to attend the UH
UHLC student who has displayed excellence
in her studies and service to the Law Center       Law Center.
community. Preference is given to a 2L who         Donor: 	 Judy Amonett ('03)
has family obligations and/or whose career         Recipients: Megan M. Charles
involves international business experience.        	 Crystal A. Henry
Donor: 	 Bancomer Transfer Services, Inc.          	 David A. Stephan
	 and Friends and Family
	 of Celia Figueroa
Recipient: 	 Erinn L. Stephan


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