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UHLC Career Development Office host “Lunch with a Lawyer” featuring attorney David Brittain, Jr.

Nov. 05, 2021 – David Brittain, Jr. advised students to take an honest assessment of their abilities and skills to gain perspective on career paths and fields of study during a recent “Dinner With a Lawyer” event hosted by the University of Houston Law Center’s Career Development Office (CDO). Assistant Dean for Career Development Tiffany J. Tucker served as the moderator.

Brittain is interim chief diversity and inclusion officer/Title IX coordinator for the University of Houston-Clear Lake, administering the anti-discrimination policy, sexual misconduct policy, and diversity and inclusion initiatives at UHCL to maintain a positive community on campus and in the workplace.   

“The thing I like about labor employment law is that every day you are doing something, and every day is different,” Brittain said. “You never have two days that are exactly the same.”

Brittain discussed the responsibilities of transactional labor employment, noting written communication ranging from emails and documented correspondence to briefs and reports to be a primary factor in his work routine

“As a lawyer you are basically a writer,” Brittain said. “It important to learn how to write legally and logically.”

It is key to keep an open mind when approaching the legal field, Brittain said. Students should try various things and utilize the resources organized and offered by the CDO to get hands-on experience in as many facets of the law as possible, learning not only what they are best at but what they enjoy.

“It is good to see what type of transactional work interests you,” Brittain said. “You can work in banking, mergers and acquisitions; there is just a ton of it.”

Moot court and mock trial events that include speaking to the court and other attorneys are beneficial in preparing for the courtroom, and internships, activities and niche groups are also profitable, forming contacts, providing specialized opportunities and equipping students with skills to thrive in a specific area of law.

“It is useful … to work with different attorneys,” Brittain said. “I think you learn different styles because different people have different approaches, and you can see what you are most comfortable with and what best suits your style.”

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