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We are fast approaching the end of the academic year and graduation day. As alumni, you remember well the stress of those final weeks of the school year: the intensity of studying for final exams and, for third year students, the anxiety of finding a job or succeeding as a young lawyer, with the bar exam looming.

You thrived, and I’m confident our current students will too. They are a remarkable group, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. For instance, the members of the Class of ’17, soon to complete their first year, come from 17 states and 12 countries, and graduated from 98 different colleges and universities. Twenty-eight earned graduate degrees, including one M.D., one Ph.D., two M.P.H.s and four M.B.A.s, plus a slew of other master’s degrees. Like you, they are intelligent and determined to excel, not only in law school, but in the legal marketplace.

Students are our greatest asset, and as alumni, you can help them on their way to becoming successful lawyers. First, you can “Hire Houston first” and advocate on behalf of Law Center students and graduates when you decide or your employer decides to hire. Allison Regan, Assistant Dean for Career Development Office, can suggest the best student prospects for your consideration. You can reach Allison at Second, you can participate in our mentorship program and offer advice to and share your practical wisdom with our students. Finally, to ease students’ financial challenges, please consider contributing to the student scholarship programs. The contact for both the mentoring and scholarship programs is Carolyn Taylor, manager of donor relations/stewardship for the Department of External Affairs. You can reach Carolyn at

My pride in the Law Center and its students and alumni has grown in intensity over the course of the nine months I have served as dean. I have been impressed by the talent, drive and caliber of UHLC students and graduates. Please continue to share your wisdom, talent, and support to help make the Law Center and its graduates a continuing and even greater success story.


Leonard M. Baynes
Dean & Professor of Law
University of Houston Law Center

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