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Your theme as dean is “The Power
of Legal Education.” Can you
define what that means to you?

     The “Power of Legal Education”             Legal Education.”                                          Dallas Reception
fundamentally transforms each student and            The Law Center demonstrates the
teaches them how to think like lawyers.                                                         What are your immediate
Through this process, each student learns       “Power of Legal Education” through its highly   priorities and short-term goals?
to write precisely, to analyze rigorously, to   credentialed and well-published faculty,
advocate persuasively, and to conform to        imparting knowledge to our students and              My immediate plan is to keep the Law
the highest professional standards. Our law     through legal scholarship transforming          Center on the positive trajectory set by my
graduates then take these tools to transform    the debate and discussion of globally and       predecessors: former Deans Ray Nimmer,
the world by representing individual clients    nationally significant issues. Our clinics      Nancy Rapoport, Steve Zamora, and Interim
to secure justice and providing the legal       and centers are exemplars of the “Power         Dean Richard Alderman. It is to implement
architecture of global and national social,     of Legal Education” by their cutting-edge       my vision of the Law Center as a global,
political, and economic movements, for          work (with our students) to transform the       national, and metropolitan law school. To
example in the areas of civil rights, women’s   world through their research and advocacy.      do this, it is important for me to connect
rights, marriage equality, immigration reform,  Through their hard work and dedication,         with the Law Center’s constituents. That
tort reform, tax reform and deregulation. The   our staff exhibits “the Power of Legal          is why I am taking the time to engage and
“Power of Legal Education” also resonates       Education” by ensuring that the Law Center      meet alumni wherever they are. To achieve
with the Law Center’s “Strategic Vision”        runs smoothly and professionally to provide     this vision, we have to cultivate an engaged
to deliver “excellent, affordable education,”   opportunities for our students and support      alumni base. So far, we have held the
to produce high quality legal scholarship       for our faculty. Our students demonstrate       following alumni events:
coupled with high quality teaching, and to      the “Power of Legal Education” through their    • Houston, Hotel ZaZa
engage with the larger legal community.         pro bono, extracurricular, and co-curricular    • Austin, Fritz, Byrne, Head & Harrison, PLC
                                                activities while pursuing their studies. After  • San Antonio, Westin Hotel and Strasburger
     Moreover, the “Power of Legal              graduation, our alumni embody the “Power of
Education” enables students to transform        Legal Education” through their legal practice    & Price, LLP
their economic circumstance and advance         in representing clients and advocacy of         • Dallas, The Residence of Joy and Billie Ellis
their social mobility. I use myself as an       socially and economically important issues.     • New York City, Latham and Watkins
example, and my opportunity of coming from
an immigrant family with little education                  Austin Reception                     Moreover, I have met with the following
to being dean of the University of Houston                                                      alumni affinity groups:
Law Center, a great American law school.                                                        • African American Alumni and Friends,
For me and so many others like me, legal
education empowered and catapulted me                                                             University of Houston Hilton Hotel
into opportunities that would have been                                                         • Young Alumni, Ouisie’s Restaurant
unavailable to me but for my education. This                                                    • Law Patrons, The Grove
type of social mobility also demonstrates the
fundamental and transformative “Power of                                                             I have been honored by the gracious
                                                                                                and warm receptions that the alumni have
                                                                                                given me. The alumni are excited about the
                                                                                                future and eager to help as we chart the Law
                                                                                                Center’s future.

                                                                                                     As I reflect on these events, I have come
                                                                                                to recognize that one of the most important
                                                                                                things that the Law Center can offer the
                                                                                                alumni is the power of the University of
                                                                                                Houston Law Center alumni network. I was
                                                                                                struck by one young alumnus who told me
                                                                                                that he wished he had stayed in closer touch
                                                                                                with his classmates because they are now in
                                                                                                a position to provide him business.

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