Legal Information Technology


Some users continue to see intermittent connectivity issues and have reported a degradation of network services. UH technicians are currently working with Cisco and updates can be found on the UIT webpage. Click here for updates.

Faculty / Staff should be sure to change to the "Faculty/Staff" tab below

Information Technology

  • Printing

Map Printers on a Pc


Navigate to Start Menu, type \\server1, and press enter.

Windows Screenshot


Authenticate with your Cougarnet username and password

Double Click the Printer that you desire.

Windows Screenshot 2


Choose to Install driver.

Windows Screenshot 3


Confirm the Printer has been created under the Devices & Printers option of the Control panel.


Faculty/Staff Printers

Printer Name           Location

\\server1\bates-1          Faculty Suite BLB 1st Floor

\\server1\batesp-1          Faculty Suite BLB 1st Floor (Copier)

\\server1\bates-2          Faculty Suite BLB 2nd Floor

\\server1\batesp-2          Faculty Suite BLB 2nd Floor (Copier)

\\server1\tuii-1          Faculty Suite TUII 1st Floor

\\server1\tuiip-1          Faculty Suite TUII 1st Floor (Copier)

\\server1\tuii-2          Faculty Suite TUII 2nd Floor

\\server1\tuiip-2          Faculty Suite TUII 2nd Floor (Copier)

\\server1\mps          Multi-Purpose Suite

\\server1\mps2          Multi-Purpose Suite (Copier)

\\server1\health          Health Law Suite

\\server1\health2          Health Law Suite (Copier)

\\server1\lrw          Legal Research & Writing

\\server1\lrw2          Legal Research & Writing (Copier)

\\server1\career    Career  Services

\\server1\career2          Career Services (Copier)

\\server1\dean          Dean's Office

\\server1\dean2          Dean's Office (Copier)

\\server1\trialad            Trial Ad

\\server1\trialad2          Trial Ad (Copier)

\\server1\stuserv          Student Services

\\server1\stuserv2           Student Services (Copier)

\\server1\libadmin2           Library Admin Office

\\server1\circ           Library Circulation

\\server1\techserv2          Tech Services

\\server1\external5          External Services (Copier)


* Please note that you will only be able to print to printers that you have specific permissions to print to.