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Student Services

Becoming acquainted with the law library is the first step in developing your legal research skills. The

Law Library offers the following services to help students and other users.

24/7 Library Access


UH Law students enjoy 24/7 access to the Law Library. Please click here for details.

Brown Bag Series

In order to refresh law students’ legal research skills, each semester the reference librarians present legal research refreshers during the lunch hour.  Topics include researching legislative history, administrative law, tax law, foreign and international law, effectively using legal databases, and much more.  In addition to the regular sessions, we also take special request.  Please click here to request a session for you and to suggest new topics.


Please click here for our Circulation policies.

Daily E-Lert

Each weekday morning a reference librarian searches for the day’s news with legal significance and chooses six items to keep the UH Law Center Community current.  Please click here for today’s news.

Exam Time Support

We understand the stress each student faces during exam time.  To show our support the Library provides our students board games and complimentary coffee.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Please click here for our ILL policies and procedures. Click here for how to borrowing books from other UH libraries (Paging).

Library Blog

Nota Bene (which means "note this well" or "take particular notice") is the official Law Library blog. It is where we post tips on legal research techniques and resources, developments in the world of legal information, happenings at the Law Library, and legal news reports that deserve our students' particular attention. N.B: Mark a note to visit "Nota Bene" regularly.

Library Liaisons for the Law Journals and Review

Need to decipher that legal citation?  Cannot locate the printed version of that article?  Getting an headache over Bluebooking?  Want to talk to someone about choosing a note topic?  Need advice to jump start your research for the note? How about an orientation session at the beginning of a semester? The reference librarians can help you: most of us were trainers to law reviews or walked that path before.  We have assigned a library liaison to each journal and the Houston Law Review:

Houston Business and Tax Law Journal—Chris Dykes, 713-743-2306
Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy—Emily Lawson, 713-743-2305
Houston Journal of International Law—Dan Donahue, 713-743-1099
Houston Law Review—Katy Stein Badeaux, 713-743-2324
Journal of Consumer & Commercial Law—Chris Dykes, 713-743-2307

Library Tours

Before each fall semester the Library provides organized general library tours to incoming law students.  With so much to learn and to absorb, we also understand that our students may not retain that much from this tour.  To enable you to get the most of the library resources, we encourage you to request special library tours about specific subject areas.  After all, it is much easier to handle that West Key Number search and the digest system if someone can show you how it works with real books and cases!  Click here to make a request.

Lost and Found

Law students can inquire about lost items and turn in found items at the Circulation Desk.

New Titles List

Want to see if there is a new book on the subject you are interested in?  Click here for the weekly lists of the latest additions to the Library collection.

Newspapers and Magazines

To keep you current with the world, the Library stocks its newspapers and magazine rack with the American Lawyer, Houston Chronicle, New York Times, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Texas Bar Journal, and several other publications. 

Passwords for Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw

Please contact Reference Librarian Katy Badeaux or Interim Associate Director for Library Administration Emily Lawson for further information.


Located inside of the photocopying room, one of the two commercially operated photocopiers takes $1 or $5 dollar bills.  Cost for a copy: $0.10. 

Reference and Research Services

Our reference desk is for instant reference assistance. Students can also request special sessions for advanced research instruction on specific topics and databases (e.g. BNA databases, HeinOnline, Lexis, Westlaw, and other databases), as well as for advice on researching for seminar papers. All our reference/research librarians hold dual degrees in Law and Library or Information Science, and are trained legal researchers.

Reserve Collection

To ensure maximum security and equal access to items in high demand, we keep them in the Reserve Collection.  This collection is located behind the Circulation and Reference desks.  Please ask for help at the Circulation Desk.


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