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O'Quinn Law Library Faculty Liaison List


Following is a list of librarians assigned to the Law Faculty. For the list of services provided to the UH Law Center Faculty and the contact person(s) please click here. For library staff contact information please click here. Due to our limited resources we regret that we are not able to extend the same services to the rest of UH faculty.


Librarian Name Faculty Name
Katy Stein Badeaux

Bray, Bruhl, Chandler, Hester, Kwok, Lipton, Olivas, Rave

Dan Donahue

Bush, Chase, Dole, Heppard, Moll, Palmer, Paust, Schuwerk, Sheppard, Turner, Zamora

Chris Dykes

Britton, Buckles, Burke, Duncan, Hamilton, Joyce, Ragazzo, Streng, Weaver, Wells

Emily W. Lawson

Evans, Hawkins, G. Hoffman, Mantel, Marrus, Oren, Roberts, Sanders

Mon Yin Lung

Crump, Dow, L. Hoffman, Janicke, Kumar, Linzer, Moohr, Nimmer, Oldham, Scott, Simons, Thompson, Vetter, Zale, large/special/team projects

Spencer Simons

Alderman, LRW program

Last updated: November 5, 2013



Questions about the liaison program should be directed to Mon Yin Lung (3-2307 or mlung@central.uh.edu)