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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service which provides access to the collections of other libraries. ILL will borrow books and obtain copies of journal articles not available at the O'Quinn Law Library or the M.D. Anderson Library and its central campus branches. Only UHLC students, law faculty and law staff are eligible for interlibrary loan services at the O'Quinn Law Library. All requests should be directly related to UHLC course work or research. If you have any questions about ILL, call 713.743-2523.

Eligible Patrons may make an interlibrary loan request by clicking here.

To obtain book materials owned by other UH Libraries, UH Law Center faculty, staff, and students may use the UH paging system. Paged books are delivered directly to the law library. The paging system operates through the UH online catalog. For instructions, please click here.


The Law Library provides interlibrary loan services to UH Law Center faculty, UH Law students and UH Law Center staff. Other UH patrons must make ILL requests from the M.D. Anderson Library or its branches. Patrons who are not affiliated with the university may make ILL requests at the Houston Public Library or Harris County Public Library branches.


What is Loaned

ILL can obtain circulating books and photocopies of journal and newspaper articles. Libraries generally do not loan reference books, rare books or books in poor condition, software, audio-visual, or other non-print materials, looseleafs, journals or high-use material.



Interlibrary loan services are provided free of charge.


Arrival and Distribution

Because the turnaround time for requests averages ten days, make requests to allow receipt in advance of your deadline. Upon receipt of the requested material, ILL will notify you by e-mail. Materials will be held for pick up at the Law Library Circulation Desk. Books will be clearly marked with the due date; photocopies do not need to be returned.



Request renewals prior to the book due date. Most books can be renewed but lending libraries have the option to decline renewals and demand return of material by the original due date. Interlibrary loan agreements depend on the appropriate return of materials to lending institutions.


Making requests

To insure timely processing of your requests, please fill out request forms accurately, with all the required information, and do not abbreviate information. Material available at other UH libraries is not eligible for ILL but may be paged. Interlibrary Loan Request forms are available at the Circulation desk.


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