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"The Patent System added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius" ---Abraham Lincoln

Table of Contents

International IP Protection
General Information
Patents and Patent Search
Trademark and Unfair Competition
Copyright and Fair Use

This guide focuses on general information about Intellectual Property Rights (IP), which includes Copyright, Patents and Trademarks. Some of the international IP organizations and laws are also included. All the online resources listed in the guide are freely accessible. 


International IP Protection
Includes: International IP Protection, International, Foreign and Regional IP Organizations

International IP Protection

International Intellectual Property Protection
IP protection has gone beyond the national borders. This site via USPTO provides information about the IP protection systems in the United Nations, European Union and other countries.

IP Protection in the European Union (EU)  
As a part of the European Commission's Innovation Program, this page gives an overview of practical IP issues in the EU.

IP in the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation  
A good source to learn about the current development of IP issues in Asian-Pacific regions. 

International and Regional Intellectual Property Organizations

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

WIPO Arbitration & Mediation Center

International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV)

World Trade Organization (WTO) Intellectual Property Page

European Patent Office (EPO)

Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (European Union Trademark Office)

Benelux Trademarks Office

Foreign Intellectual Property Offices

Andorra Australia Austria Belgium Brazil
Benelux  Bulgaria Canada China Croatia
Czech  Denmark Europe Finland France
Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland
Italy Japan Korea Lithuania Luxembourg
Macedonia Mexico Monaco New Zealand Peru
Poland Portugal Romania Russia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand
United Kingdom

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General Information about Intellectual Property Rights
Includes: IP Basics, Government IP Offices in the U.S., IP News, Related Issues and Finding Tools

IP Basics

What are Copyright, Patent, Service Marks and Trademarks? Via United States Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) Page, an introduction to basic concepts of Intellectual Property Rights.

USPTO's special page for kids. It answers the most frequently asked kids' questions about patents, trademarks and copyrights. It is also a good source for adult beginners to know the basics of IP.

United States Customs Service and IP
Enforcing IP laws to protect businesses and consumers.

IP Overview 
This is a sub-page of International Information Programs created by the Department of State, providing an overview of IP. 

Patent Assistance Center (PAC)
A service within the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office for providing information services to the public concerning any general questions regarding patent examining policies and procedures.

How to…
A USPTO sub-page dealing with practical issues such as how to find patents and trademarks, how to get registered...

U.S. Top Schools in Engineering and  IP Law Via US NEWS.

Patent and Trademark Depository Library
A comprehensive source for official publications on IP issues. 

Government IP Offices in the U. S.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

U.S. Copyright Office

IP News

USPTO's News and Notice page
Official News Gazettes (back to 1964)

IP Law Practice Center
Practice-specific news, good for IP law Practitioners. 

IP News from Questel Orbit
Provides updated legal news about IP disputes.

News Matrix
Links to different search engines finding IP news.

News from Quick Links
Look at the subject heading: Copyright, Trademark and Patents.

Related Issues 

Computer Crime and IP 
A subpage from US Department of Justice site, focusing on federal laws and regulations concerning computer crimes. 

Internet Law Pathfinder 
A subpage of Internet Public Library site. This pathfinder is intended to provide an introduction to Internet Law.

Culture and IP issues  
Created by the University of Alaska National Science Foundation Rural School & Community Trust Culture, focusing on Culture and IP issues.

Patent Source links  
This is a subpage of, providing comprehensive links to Patent sources.

Franklin Pierce Law Center IP Mall
"The IP Mall links to a unique collection of intellectual property resources served up by the Franklin Pierce Law Center."

Finding Tools


Specialized legal research / Leah F. Chanin, general editor ; with contributions from Joseph James Beard ... [et al.].

International intellectual property protection for computer software: a research guide and annotated bibliography / by Jon S. Schultz & Steven Windsor.

If you chose to use O'Quinn Law Library Catalog, the following Library of Congress Subject Headings are useful:
Patent,Trademark, Competition Unfair, Copyright, Trade Secrets, patent Laws and Legislation
(Note: there are many other related subject headings. Please contact a reference librarian for assistance)

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Includes: Overview of Patents, Patents Search, Patent Laws, Other Sources on Patents.

Overview of Patents

What is a patent and what can be patented? 
Via USPTO website, an overview of the Patent. 

Patent Basics USPTO site

Patents forms
Patents application forms are available through USPTO site. 

Patent Search

USPTO Patent Search 
A search engine hosted by the USPTO provides "Patent Full-Text and Full-Page Image Databases". Two kinds of searches can be done through this page: 
---Patents Grants (full-text since 1976, full-page images since 1790)
---Patent Applications (published since 15 March 2001)
Note: For first-time users, "help" and "how to access full-page images" are very helpful.

Delphion Patent Search 
Maintained by Delphion Company. Although this is a fee based website, it provides free access to US Granted Bibliographic Text, Search IP Listings, Patent Number Searching and other services.

How to Identify & Obtain Patents
A page from University of California, San Diego site. "Search Steps" in this page are helpful for first time users. 

Patent Legislation and Regulations

Patent law overview  
via Cornell Law page.

Patents Legislation & Regulations  
A subpage from USPTO site.

35 U.S. Code via GPO Access
Provides official sources on Patents legislation. Search steps: GPO Access Home Page>"U.S. code" > "Browse the United States Code"> "TITLE 35--PATENTS".

37 Code of Federal Regulation via GPO Access
Provide current regulations on Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. Search steps: "New Code of Federal Regulation Browse Feature"> pull down to " Title 37" and click the appropriate checkbox(es) in the table>click continue.

35 U.S. Code via Cornell Law School  

Patents and Patent law  
This page is maintained by an IP law firm. Its Executive Summary is a source to get an overview of  patents and patent law.
Provides links to IP related case laws, statutes and regulations. 

A subpage of, provides case law, statutes and regulations on Patent Law

Bad patents and legal issues
A site maintained by a IP law firm providing sources for patent disputes. 

Other Sources on Patents

Jurist on Patents
A site hosted by the University of Pittsburgh, provides information about patent books, journals and news. Some full text review articles are also available. patent search  A search engine that enables searches concerning Patents and Patent Law, such as Chemical and Biotechnological patent issues.

Patent law for non-lawyers 
Maintained by It is a simple, easily-understood introduction to patent law as it applies to biotechnology.

Patent Source links  
This is a subpage of, providing comprehensive links to Patent sources

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Trademarks and Unfair Competition
Includes: Overview, Laws, Other Sources on Trademark and Unfair Competition

Overview of Trademarks and Unfair Competition

Basic Facts about Trademarks 
A sub-page of USPTO site, which provides a concise overview of Trademarks. 

Trademark overview 
A law firm page. Provides an overview of Trademarks and Trademark laws. 

Unfair competition: overview 
Maintained by Cornell law school, explains why trademarks and unfair competition are correlated. 

Trademark forms
Trademarks application forms are available through USPTO site. 

Trademark Electronic Application System
Maintained by the USPTO.

Laws on Trademarks and Unfair Competition

15 U.S. Code 22 via GPO Access
Provides official sources on Trademarks legislation. Search steps: GPO Access Home Page>"U.S. code" > "Browse the United States Code"> "TITLE 15--COMMERCE AND TRADE"> "CHAPTER 22-- TRADEMARKS"

37 Code of Federal Regulation via GPO Access
Provide current regulations on Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. Search steps: "New Code of Federal Regulation Browse Feature"> pull down to " Title 37" and click the appropriate checkbox(es) in the table>click continue.

Legal sources on Trademarks
A subpage of USPTO Site, provides links to legal sources on Trademarks. 

U.S code title 15 
Via Cornell Legal Information Institute. Full text statutes concerning trademarks are available. 

Unfair Competition Law Source 
Links to State Business and Professions Code Statutes of each of the 50 states.

Trademark War on the Web 
Follows some law suits against some of the famous brands.

Other Sources on Trademarks and Unfair Competition 

"All about Trademarks"  
Providing comprehensive sources on trademarks, hosted by a law firm. 

Trademarks General Reference 
Cases and laws on domain disputes are available in this site. 

George Washington Page: Trademarks 
Some of the Congressional hearings on Trademark legislation can be found in this site.  

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Copyright and Fair Use
Includes: Overview, Laws and Other Sources on Copyrights

Overview of Copyright

Copyright Basics  
Via US. Copyright Office, provides a concise overview of Copyright and related issues 

Copyright: an overview  
Via Cornell Legal Information Institute. Gives an overview of copyright laws. 

Quick View of Copyright 
A page hosted by the University of Texas providing basics on copyright and related laws.

Copyright forms
Copyright Application forms are available through U.S. Copyright office. 

Copyright Legislation and Regulations

17 U.S. Code via GPO Access
Provides official sources on Patents. Search steps: GPO Access Home Page >"U.S. code" > "Browse the United States Code"> "TITLE 17--Copyright"

37 Code of Federal Regulation via GPO Access
Provide current regulations on Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. Search steps: "New Code of Federal Regulation Browse Feature"> pull down to " Title 37" and click the appropriate checkbox(es) in the table>click continue.

U.S. Code 17  
Via Cornell Legal Information Institute Site, U.S. Code 17 is available in full text. 

37 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)  
Via Cornell Legal Information Institute Site, provides 37 CFR in full-text. 

Copyright and Fair Use 
Hosted by Stanford University, provides sources on introduction to Copyright and sources of Copyright legislation.

Other Sources on Copyright Issues

IEEE Page 
Provides background information about technology and IP.

University Copyright Resources  
Via Yale University Library. A comprehensive site for finding both university and non-university resources on Intellectual Property Rights, especially copyright issues. 

Copyright Site via UC Berkeley  
A comprehensive site for search references, laws and academic articles on Copyright issues. 

Copyright for educators 
A good site for librarians, teachers, parents and students to learn basics on Copyrights.

Yahoo Search 
A specialized search engine for finding copyright related materials. 

Web Site and Copyright issues 
W3C's page, featuring new Copyright issues with the development of the World Wide Web. 

Software and Copyright Issues 
Provided by W3C site. Its Frequently Asked Questions are helpful to understand Software and Copyright issues. 

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Special thanks to Mary Mallory, David Griffiths, Karen Hogenboom and Carol Krupka.


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