January 1959

ADVERTISEMENT—SOLICITATION—NEWSPAPER ANNOUNCEMENT OF CHANGE OF OFFICE LOCATIONAn attorney may not properly place a notice in a newspaper announcing a change of location of his office.

ADVERTISEMENT—SOLICITATION—SENDING TO BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS NOTICES OF A CHANGE OF OFFICE LOCATIONAn attorney may not send to business establishments such as taverns and clubs any notice of a change of his office location.

Canon 24.


An attorney who specializes in the practice of criminal law is moving his law office to another location.  Would it be violate the Canons of Ethics to place a notice to that effect in the newspapers. Would it violate the Canons to send notices of the change of location to places of business such as taverns and clubs?


Announcement of the new office address can be given by dignified notices sent personally to clients and other persons closely connected with the attorney as to justify such contact for their convenience.  A newspaper advertisement is an unjustified and unnecessary public solicitation of legal business and violates Canon 24. (See also Opinions 5, 68, 96, 102.)
One member expressed the view that the publishing of small (two inch, one column) and inconspicuous announcement would not violate the Canons. (7-1.)

To send notices of the change of office location to establishments where the attorney anticipates getting business also constitutes direct advertisement prohibited by Canon 24.  Such notices would not be limited to present clients or friends as contemplated in Opinion 102 of this committee. (7-0.)