Rule 1       Definitions.
  Rule 2      Mailing of Notices and of Other Matter.
  Rule 3       Preliminary Investigation.
  Rule 4       Full Investigation.
  Rule 5       Issuance, Service, and Return of Subpoenas.
  Rule 6       Informal Appearance.
  Rule 7       Reserved for Future Promulgation.
  Rule 8        Reserved for Future Promulgation.
  Rule 9       Review of Commission Decision.
  Rule 10     Formal Proceedings.
  Rule 11      Request by Commission for Appointment of
                       Review Tribunal.
  Rule 12     Review of Formal Proceedings.
  Rule 13     Appeal to Supreme Court.
  Rule 14     Motion for Rehearing.
  Rule 15     Suspension of a Judge.
  Rule 16     Record of Commission Proceedings.
  Rule 17     Confidentiality and Privilege of Proceedings.
  Rule 18     Ex Parte Contacts by Members of the Commission.


Adopted and Promulgated Pursuant to Section 1-a(11), Article V, Constitution of Texas

Rules for Removal or Retirement of Judges Source: