Opinion No. 134 (1989)*

FACTS ASSUMED: In one of the large Texas cities, which is served primarily by one major daily newspaper, that newspaper periodically files suits in the courts of the county, and two such suits are pending in the court of the judge in question.

QUESTION: Would the judge violate any provision of the Code of Judicial Conduct by participating in an interview with the newspaper editorial board to provide information on which the newspaper will base an endorsement to be published before the election at which the judge seeks reelection?

ANSWER: No. The Code of Judicial Conduct does not prohibit a judge from meeting with, and responding to questions from a newspaper's editorial board. The possibility that the judge may decide to recuse himself in a case or cases involving the newspaper should not prevent the judge from attending such an interview.


*See Canon 7, Political Activity, as amended June 26, 1990.