March 1975

LEGAL ASSISTANT, CORRESPONDENCE It is proper for a Legal Assistant to write a letter on his law firm's letter head provided that he is a supervised employee of the law firm and that he signs as a Legal Assistant.

DR 3-101(A).


Is it proper for a non-lawyer law firm employee to use the law firm letter head to write a letter on behalf of the firm's client in an attempt to collect a debt owed said client?


Yes, it is proper (DR 3-101(A) ). A Legal Assistant can not be carried on the letterhead (Op. 50) nor can he perform acts which the lawyer himself cannot perform (Op. 144). A Legal Assistant employee who is supervised by his attorney (Op. 160) can sign letters on the law firm letterhead (Op. 276), if his title, Legal Assistant, follows his name (ABA Op. 1278).