March, 1971


Canon 24.


Would the use of a neon sign approximately 6 ft. by 2 ft. with the firm name of attorneys thereon illuminated at night some several feet from the entrance to the law office of such attorney and/or attorneys be a violation of any canon of ethics?


Canon 24 prohibits solicitation either direct or indirect; however, in determining whether a specific sign is in violation one must look to the facts of the particular case.

"A shingle, or other designation on doors, windows, or elsewhere of the firm name or the name of the attorney practicing at the premises should be of modest size. The test as to whether or not its size is ethical depends on whether it is intended to enable a person to find an already selected lawyer or to attract the attention of any person who might he looking for a lawyer, any lawyer.

Therefore, a neon sign is improper, as a shingle or designation of the location of a law office." Wise, Legal Ethics, Second Edition, 1970, page 150.

Such a sign as above described would accordingly be in violation.