March, 1971

TITLES ON PROFESSIONAL CARDS An attorney who is also a Municipal Court Judge may not on his professional card reflect his name as Judge_______________ , Attorney at Law, with other information.

Canons 24, 39.


May an attorney who is also a Municipal Judge reflect that he is a Judge on his professional card by showing thereon Judge __________, with his address thereafter?


Canon 39 provides that the professional card of a member may with propriety contain only a statement of the member's name (and the names of lawyers associated with him), profession, address, telephone number and special branches of the profession practiced. The use of the word Judge before the name of the attorney on his professional card would be something in addition not permitted by Canon 39. Such would also be self-laudation prohibited by Canon 24. See Opinions 11209 and 306. See also ABA Informal Opinion 1006.