August 1967

ADVERTISING VALIDATING PARKING LOT TICKETS. It is not unethical for an attorney to validate parking tickets, i.e., pay the parking fees of public parking facilities, for his clients unless such practice is so publicized as to constitute advertising.

Canon 24.


1. Is it proper under the Canons of Ethics for a lawyer to validate the parking tickets of established clients?

2. Would the same ruling apply to walk-in clients?


It is assumed that the questions relate to the common practice in many cities whereby various businesses and professional people provide free parking for their customers and clients by validating the customers' or clients' parking tickets and paying the charges therefor. Providing parking facilities for customers and clients is merely a part of the cost of doing business and it is just as important for a lawyer to provide such facilities for his clients as it is for any other professional or business man. Providing such parking service is merely a realistic method of running a law office under modern city conditions and the Committee is unanimously of the opinion that such practice does not violate any of the Canons, provided that the validating lawyer does not identify himself as a lawyer on the ticket and provided, further, that such practice is not publicized in such a manner as to constitute an advertising scheme. (9-0.)