May 1965

SOLICITATION—ADVERTISEMENTS—LISTING IN CHURCH DIRECTORY—It is not unethical for an attorney to permit a "listing" in his church directory containing his photograph, his home address and phone number, the name of is firm, and his business phone number.

Canon 24.


Are any Canons of Ethics violated on Indirect Advertising or otherwise on the following "Listing" in a Church Directory that is circulated only to members and contains no advertising:

Photo of John Doe

Home address by street of John Doe

Home phone of John Doe

Doe, Roe & Jones

Business phone of Doe, Roe & Jones

in a situation where the firm of Doe, Roe & Jones is known to be a legal firm, but the listing itself does not state the profession of either the individual or the firm.


No, four members are of the opinion that the listing as stated would not violate Canon 24. Opinion 237 (May 1961). Three members are of the opinion that the listing would violate Canon 24. Opinion 277 (January 1964), and Opinion 236 (May 1961). (4-3.)