June 1964

ADVERTISEMENTS—SPECIALIZED LEGAL SERVICES—EUROPEAN CLAIMS. A member may not insert in the Texas Bar Journal a notice that he is engaged in handling European claims.

Canon 42.


Is it proper for an attorney to carry the following advertisement in the Texas Bar Journal?

"Eurpoean Claims

Joe Doaks, Attorney

Usual Building

Normal City, Texas"


A majority of the committee believe that the advertisement is not within the exception authorized by Canon 42 unless the attorney is engaged in rendering this service "only" and "directly" to other lawyers. Their view is that Canon 42 does not apply unless the lawyer handles European claims only through and directly with other lawyers and never for individual clients; Texas Opinions 10 and 112 and A.B.A. Opinion 183 (the lawyer must confine his practice in the field in question to "acting as counsel to other lawyers"). Generally see Drinker, Legal Ethics 242 (1953) suggesting that an advertisement under such canon is a representation that the lawyer will not accept cases in this field from lay clients. Their view is also that the handling of European claims is not a specialized legal service, citing Texas Opinions 2, 10, 15, 62, 112, 221, and 222, and A.B.A. Opinion 263 (a specialist in the laws of China is not rendering a specialized legal service). They concede that the notice in question is a brief and dignified notice.

A minority of the committee believe that the handling of "European claims" is a specialized legal service and that accordingly Canon 42, as an exception to Canon 24, permits the proposed advertisement to be inserted in the Texas Bar Journal. Cf. Opinion 77. (6-3.)