February 1962

 SOLICITATION, DIRECT OR INDIRECT—An Attorney may properly serve as chairman, or as a member, of a church’s Committee on Wills and legacies.

Canon 24.


May an attorney serve as chairman of the Committee on Wills and Legacies of a local church without violating the provisions of the Canons of Ethics?


There is nothing unethical per se about a lawyer’s serving on, or being chairman of, a church's Committee on Wills and Legacies. Indeed, for a lawyer to serve in such a capacity is commendable and to be expected. The Ethics Committee cannot, however, in this opinion, generalize as to what specific conduct or activity of such chairman or committee member might be, by reason of the church committee's functions, in violation of certain of the Canons of Ethics. Care should be taken by a lawyer-member to avoid violation of, in addition to Canon 24, Canons 6, 92532 and 43. (9-0.)