November 1962

ADVERTISINGAn attorney, speaking as an individual and making an announcement over a local radio station for the purpose of urging the public to attend a golf tournament given for the benefit of charity, may not properly include in his announcement the statement "We will not be practicing law next Friday . . ."

Canon 24.


An attorney, speaking over a local radio station, made the following statement: "My name is __________, from ___________, Texas. We will not be practicing law next Friday but will be at the Golf Tournament, the benefits of which will be given to the Charity of ___________. We hope to see you all there."

The attorney was not authorized to speak for the state or the local bar association concerning any matter and was apparently speaking only for himself. Does such a statement by an attorney, under the circumstances described, constitute advertising in violation of the Canons of Ethics?


It is the opinion of the committee that the attorney violated Canon 24 in making the above statement. His reference to "not practicing law on Friday" was unnecessary and irrelevant to the giving of his support to the charity in question. Not only did it point out the fact that he was an attorney, which is not proper, but a statement of this nature could be considered to be much the same as a public announcement of office hours, change of address, etc., none of which are permitted. See Opinions 110, 165 and 223. (9-0.)