June 1960

SOLICITATION - SELF-LAUDATION - STATIONERY - An attorney may not indicate on his stationery that he is a member of the American, state and local bar association.

Canon 24.


It is a violation of the Canons of Ethics for an attorney to include on his stationery the following:


American Bar Association

Texas State Bar Association

Dallas Bar Association"?


Such would be a violation and not proper.

Texas Canon 24 lists some forms of solicitation, and says, "Indirect advertisements for professional employment such as furnishing or inspiring newspaper comments about causes in which the member is engaged or the importance of the member's position, and all other like self-laudation should be avoided."

Compare Texas Opinion 31, saying that names of deceased relatives may not be carried on the letterhead.  See also Opinion 122.

Drinker, Legal Ethics (1953), 229, says that the letterhead "may not contain a statement that . . . he is a member of the American Bar Association of other bar association," citing some New York committee opinions for those views.

Since the statement in question is not for the benefit of a client (such as a statement of address, office hours, telephone, etc.), it seems to be as much a self-laudatory statement as a statement that the lawyer is an M.D., Mayor, former district attorney, etc., all of which statements have been disapproved. (7-0).