April 1958

ADVERTISEMENT - Chamber of Commerce advertisement of community on back of an attorney’s office envelopes does not violate the Canons of Ethics.

Canon 24.


Would there be a violation of the Canons of Ethics if an attorney placed a printed advertisement, approved by the Chamber of Commerce of his city, on the back of his office enve1ops advertising the vicinity in which he lives and pointing out the assets and characteristics of that community?


The committee is of the opinion that there is no violation of any of the Canons of Ethics of the State Bar of Texas by an attorney placing such advertising matter on the back of his office envelopes. But it is the feeling of the committee that it would be better for an attorney not to place such advertising matter on his envelopes and to leave advertising of such nature to the Chamber of Commerce and to business institutions. While none of the Canons of Ethics are violated, nevertheless advertising of this character on an attorney’s envelopes or his letterheads tends to demean an attorney and his profession. (9-0)