June 1957

SOLICITATION-- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT-- TELEPHONE DIRECTORIES-- It is improper for an attorney to list his name in the normal order and in reverse order in the classified section of a telephone directory.

Canon 24A.B.A. Canon 27.


Is it ethical for an attorney to insert his name twice in the "classified" or yellow pages of the local telephone books, for instance, "John Doe," followed by his address and phone number, and again in the same section of the directory, "Doe, John," followed by the same address and phone number, both names being for one and the same person?


All members except one agree that the above constitutes a clear violation of Texas Canon 24. Some members note that it also violates American Canon 27. Opinions 6 and 127 of the Texas Ethics Committee and Opinion 284 of the American Ethics Committee are cited by various members in support. As stated by one member, said attorney would be "seeking some distinctive method of self-classification which is different from the general listing of his fellow lawyers" and attempting "to segregate himself for special attention." (7-1)