May 1957

SOLICITATION -- SUBMITTING BIDS -- Submitting a bid in response to a city's general request looking to recodification of its ordinances would not be in keeping with the dignity of the profession.

Canons 24.


Where a city desiring to recodify its ordinances makes a general request that all attorneys in the local bar association interested in such employment submit bids therefor to the city council, would it be unethical for an attorney in response to such request to submit a bid for such employment?


All members of the committee except one are of the opinion that it would be unethical to submit a bid for legal employment in response to such a general advertisement for bids and would not be in keeping with the dignity of the profession.  The view was expressed that submitting a bid for employment under such circumstances would be equivalent to solicitation in violation of Texas Canon of Ethics 24.  (7-1)