April 1956

 SOLICITATION -- SETTLEMENTS AND RECOVERIES -- To display or carry photocopies of various sizeable checks obtained for clients through settlements or jury awards is improper.

Canon 24. A.B.A. Canon 27.


May an attorney or firm of attorneys, having obtained for clients substantial settlements or jury awards in personal injury cases, properly

1. Have a number of photocopies made of various sizeable checks so obtained, bearing the name of the lawyer or law firm and the plaintiff as payees;

2. Exhibit one or more of the copies of such checks on the walls or desks of the law offices of the lawyer or firm involved;

3. Knowingly permit friends or clients of the attorney or of the law firm to have permanent and unrestricted possession of one or more of such copies of such checks?


The committee is of the opinion that the opinion that the conduct described in the inquiry violates Canon 24 of the Canons of Ethics of the State Bar of Texas and Canon 27 of Canons of Ethics of the American Bar Association.

Several members of the committee have suggested if the attorney had merely placed a regular size picture of his check under a glass top on his desk and did not call it to the attention of his clients for the purpose of selling his services, such action would not be violation of the Canons of Ethics, although the members making thc suggestion stated they would be reluctant to do that themselves. (8-0)