Selection of a Lawyer: Advertising

EC 2-10.

Methods of advertising that are subject to the objections stated above should be and are prohibited. However, the Disciplinary Rules recognize the value of giving assistance in the selection process through forms of advertising that furnish identification of a lawyer while avoiding such objections. In order to facilitate the process of informed selection of a lawyer by potential consumers of legal services, a lawyer may publish or broadcast the information enumerated herein in any advertising media, including printed media, radio or television. Printed media means mail; newspapers; magazines; classified directories; city, county and suburban directories; legal directories and law lists.

  1. Name, including the name of the law firm and its licensed attorneys;
  2. Office addresses and telephone numbers;
  3. Age, or date and place of birth;
  4. Date and place of admission to the Bar of any state and to federal courts;
  5. Universities, colleges, and law school attended, with date of graduation and degree;
  6. Membership in international, national, federal, state, local, and speciality bar associations;
  7. Other professional licenses (e.g., CPA, MC);
  8. Statement by name of prepaid or group legal services program in which the lawyer participates;
  9. Foreign language ability;
  10. Whether credit cards or other credit arrangements are accepted;
  11. Office and telephone answering service hours;
  12. Information concerning the opening of a new law office, the change of address or location of an office, and the acquisition of new associates or partners;
  13. Fee for initial consultation, provided that if the time for the consultation is to be limited, any such limitation the time shall be stated in the advertisement;
  14. A statement that a schedule of fees or an estimate of fees to be charged for specific services will be available on request;
  15. Contingent fee rates, subject to DR 2-106(C), provided that the statement discloses whether percentages are computed before or after deduction of court costs and expenses;
  16. Hourly rate, provided that the statement discloses that the total fee charged will depend upon the number of hours which must be devoted to the particular matter to be handled for each client, and that the client is entitled without obligation to an estimate of the fee likely to be charged;
  17. Fixed fees for specific legal services;
  18. A listing in a legal directory may include names and addresses of references, and, with their consent, names of clients regularly represented.

Amended by Board of Directors of the State Bar of Texas March 26, 1982.