DR 2-105 Limitation of Practice

  1. A lawyer shall not hold himself out publicly as a specialist or as limiting his practice, except as permitted under DR 2-102(A)(6) or as follows:
  1. A lawyer admitted to practice before the United States Patent Office may use the designation Patent Attorney, or Trademark Lawyer, or any combination of those terms, on his letterhead and office sign, and a lawyer actively engaged in the admiralty practice may use the designation Admiralty or Admiralty Lawyer on his letterhead and office sign.
  2. A lawyer may permit his name to be listed in lawyer referral services offices according to the fields of law in which he will accept referrals.
  3. A lawyer available to act as a consultant to or as an associate of other lawyers in a particular branch of law or legal service may distribute to other lawyers and publish in legal journals a dignified announcement of such availability, but the announcement shall contain a representation of special competence or experience. The announcement shall not be distributed to lawyers more frequently than once in a calendar year, but it may be published periodically in legal journals.
  4. A lawyer who is certified as a specialist in a particular field of law or law practice by the authority having jurisdiction under state law over the subject of specialization by lawyers may hold himself out as such specialist but only in accordance with the rules prescribed by that authority.