DR 2-101 Publicity in General.

  1. A lawyer shall not prepare, cause to be prepared, use, or participate in the use of, any form of public communication that contains professionally self-laudatory statements calculated to attract lay clients; as used herein, "public communication" includes, but is not limited to, communication by means of television, radio, motion picture, newspaper, magazine, or book.
  2. A lawyer shall not publicize himself, his partner, or associate as a lawyer through newspaper or magazine advertisements, radio or television announcements, display advertisements in city or telephone directories, or other means of commercial publicity, not shall he authorize or permit others to do so in his behalf except as permitted under DR 2-103. This does not prohibit limited and dignified identification of a lawyer as a lawyer as well as by name:
    1. In political advertisements when his professional status is germane to the political campaign or to a political issue.
    2. In public notices when the name and profession of a lawyer are required or authorized by law or are reasonably pertinent for a purpose other than the attraction of potential clients.
    3. In routine reports and announcements of a bona fide business, civic, professional, or political organization in which he serves as a director or officer.
    4. In and on legal documents prepared by him.
    5. In and on legal textbooks, treatises and other legal publications, and in dignified advertisements thereof.
  1. A lawyer shall not compensate or give any thing of value to representatives of the press, radio, television, or other communication medium in anticipation of or in return for professional publicity in a news item.