Canon 7

PROFESSIONAL COLLEAGUES AND CONFLICTS OF OPINION. A client's proffer of assistance of additional counsel should not be regarded as evidence of want of confidence, but the matter should be left to the determination of the client. A member shall decline as-association as colleague if it is objectionable to the original counsel, but if the member first retained is relieved, another may come into the case.

When members jointly associated in the cause cannot agree as to any matter vital to the interest of the client, the conflict of opinion shall be frankly related to the client for his determination. His decision shall be accepted unless the nature of the difference makes it impractical for member whose judgment has been overruled to cooperate effectively. In this event it is his duty to ask his client to relieve him.

Efforts, direct or indirect, which in any way encroach upon the practice of another member are unworthy of those who shall be members of the State Bar; but nevertheless, it is the right of any member, without fear or favor, to give proper advice to those seeking relief against unfaithful or neglectful counsel, generally after communications with the member of whom complaint is made.